Civil Unions In Illinois

My best friend of 29 of the 31 years I’ve been aboard this rock is a work-in-progress. I think he currently falls far too close to the “bleeding-heart-liberal” mindset, but he’s smart enough to eventually make the transition to “steely-eyed pragmatic libertarian”. He sent this along to me, and asked me to pass it along to like-minded folks in Illinois, where we both grew up.


State Representative Greg Harris had indicated he will call the civil union bill for a vote during this October’s veto session. Contact your legislator again and urge them to support the Illinois Religious Freedom and Civil Union Act.

Click here for a super-easy way to contact your state representative–>


I’m not sure the legislation goes far enough, as this is in the initial test:

Provides that 2 persons may form a civil union if they: are not related by adoption or blood in any manner that would bar a civil union; are not in another civil union or marriage with any other living person; and are not under 18 years of age.

I asked my friend whether it was just his DuPage County right-wing upbringing that wants to limit civil unions to only two participants, and I’m still waiting on the response to that one. Until the bleeding-hearts get behind polyamorous civil unions, I don’t consider them to be intellectually consistent.

But for those of you in my old home of Chicago, after you shovel a deep dish pizza into your face (oh, how I miss Pizzeria Uno!) and watch Jay Cutler implode like every Bears QB in the last 20 years, write to your representative and see if you can do a little good in your state. After all, you don’t want to fall behind Iowa, do you?

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  • MacGhil

    Until the bleeding-hearts get behind polyamorous civil unions, I don’t consider them to be intellectually consistent.

    If people want to go all Big Love, then let them, I say.

    And if the government denying people their natural right to marry, and further barring them from adopting children (as if the kids are better off going from one foster home to the next), isn’t proof enough that the state is evil, then I don’t know what will convince them.

    I miss Tufano’s myself. I could bathe in their Lemon Chicken (charred on the bone, lemon, garlic, potatoes.) Actually, I think I’ll make it tonight!

  • southernjames

    Did Kyle Orton implode? Not being an NFC guy here in AFC East country, I don’t follow the Losers of Midway much. But I thought he was just run out of town, so that they could get the whiner from Denver.

    Didn’t Orton, who is roundly trashed by all sports pundits as Mr. mediocrity personified, go sometnhig like 10-5 his first year as a Bears starter. And isn’t he….ummm….unbeaten so far as the Broncos starter?

    Perhaps the proper wording should be: “…like every NON-Boilermaker Bears QB in the past 20 years.” There, fixed it for you.

    As for marriage law changes ….whatever. Who cares, we’re all going to hell and this country is going to totally implode pretty soon anyway. Why not go ahead and include animals and kids too and not just three-somes. Man, Man, Boy, Woman, Sheep and Goat – all joined in matrimony, do death (and/or need for some mutton) do us part!! Whatever. “Freedom!!! F–k Yeah!”