• John222

    It’s great that it made the list, but it’s still behind 2 of Glenn Beck’s books as well as “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” and neck and neck with the hardcover “The Murder of King Tut…”

  • http://political-fringe.com/leo-rizzuti/ Leo Rizzuti

    This is wonderful news! People have started to catch on and are beginning to educate themselves. Funny, you don’t see the myrmidons in the mainstream media touting the success of this or other conservative and libertarian books…

  • southernjames

    Constitution? Bill of Rights?

    First Amendment? Bah, who really needs it, unless it is for things that REALLY matter, such as the unfettered enjoyment of Porn.


    Second Amendment? I just read that the Peoples Republic of Kalifornication just enacted AB 962 into law. West Coast criminals and gang bangers….Rejoice!!

    Tyranny will come via tiny, incremental steps. While we aren’t paying attention, and watching “Survivor” or “American Idol.”

    No need for foreign enemies to worry about bringing us down. We’re making good progress just fine, ourselves, right here on the domestic front.

  • http://www.no-treason.com Joshua Holmes

    Order a few

    Why bother? They didn’t work the first time.

  • me again

    I’m proud to write that my daughter (10) came home from school today and recited the entire preamble of the Declaration from memory! I said ‘that’s awesome’ to which she replied ‘now I just need to start working on the Constitution ‘we the people…’ and up to her room she went.

    Made me think there is still hope (the good kind!)

  • VRB

    I guess one could not down load it for free from the internets.