• southernjames

    Guys like Matthews are unwatchable to me.

    He has his agenda and his “narrative” which he is going to push – actual facts be damned.

    On this one, it is pigeon-holing this group and “defining” them as being an armed and budding insurrectionist militia. “Right Wing Extremists.” OMG – Call Homeland Security!!

    It doesn’t matter what the website actually says; it doesn’t matter how many times the guy reiterates what his organization stands for and what the website reiterates – which is that the members are NOT urged to take up arms against an act of tyranny by the government; but that they are pledged to do the exact opposite – put DOWN their arms and refuse to obey certain orders if certain orders are issued.

    Why would someone like Matthews be threatend by this? That one is easy. He is a statist, just as all the politicians he revers are statists. And the statists want to reserve the power to themselves to take whatever action they want to take. And to assume that if orders ARE ever issued along WHATEVER lines, to armed forces, those orders will be blindly obeyed.

    Every pissed off, politically conservative white man with a gun, in this country, is another potential Tim McVeigh, to the Left.

    I chuckled at two instances where Matthews got punked by this guy. First was “WHAT??…concentration camps, HERE?? Are you NUTS?” With the rejoinder – well we did have internment camps for Japanese Americans Chris – you want that to happen again?” Ha ha ha. The Shithead had to move on real quickly from THAT one and change the subject fast.

    The second time was in response to Matthews pontificating about how we don’t have “a” government, but a “divided” government – so gee what’s there to worry about? And the guy says – “uh yeah – but that “divided” government imposed the Patriot Act, which is still in full force and effect, right Chris?”

    The Southern Poverty Law Center guy looks like he could be Garrison Keillor’s son. Is that a special “progressive” look or something? Maybe he was from the Lake Wobegon branch of the So. Pov. Law Center.

  • TerryP

    Matthews is a moron. Does he even listen to his guests. The guy doesn’t have a clue.

    SJ, you are right he is unwatchable. Why does anyone even on the left take him seriously?