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Hugo (via Cato):

Every day I’m more of a revolutionary, every day I’m more socialist… I’m going to take Venezuela toward socialism, with the people and the workers…The revolution is not negotiable, socialism is not negotiable, because every day I’m more convinced that socialism is the kingdom of God on earth. That is what Christ came to announce.

My personal belief (that Christ may have been an anarcho-socialist) notwithstanding, I fail to understand how creating a system of mass oppression, malnutrition, and the rationing of electricity and water has to do with Jesus. Maybe he’s taking Jesus admonishment about the likelihood of a rich man entering heaven a bit too literally, and wants to ensure there are no rich men in Venezuela.

So I’ll leave it up to you, readers… Can you make sense of Chavez? Give it your best shot.

  • southernjames

    “Creating a system of mass oppression, malnutrition, and the rationing of electricity and water” has nothing to do with Jesus, his message, why he proclaimed he was doing what he was doing and saying what he was saying, or what his followers who composed the materials contained in what is commonaly known as the New Testament believed.

    There. That was easy. However, Hugo probably understands theology and the message of Christ about as well as your average atheist Libertarian, so his confusion is understandable.

    Jesus was not political and was not a politician. Oh… that is, except to certain people of the capitalistic or socialistic or liberarianisic and every other -istic, or -ism – who like to cherry-pick quotes – invariably and almost always completely out of context, to support THEIR particular political philosophy.

    “See – even JESUS believed in XYZ – so MY political point of view on XYZ must be legitimate!”

    In my experience it is typically non-believers who try to beat believers over the head with their own Savior, in order to convince them of their correctness of their view.

    Hugo is just doing what other people do who want to use Jesus for manipulation purposes.

    Even though there is zero evidence in the scriptures that Jesus advocated that the Roman Government should nationalize industry, commerce, and agriculture, and have centralized control via a govt bureacracy; and set taxation rates to strive for income equality across the board; and advocate that the means of eliminating poverty should be via government redistribution of wealth seized from individuals (as opposed to advising INDIVIDUALS on how they should try to INDIVIDUALLY treat others and live their personal lives) – that doesn’t faze those with their ulterior motives in the slightest, in their desire to moralize to the contrary to the rest of us.

  • Akston


    “I have growing and nearly-unchecked power which leads me to believe that everything I decide is absolutely right for all the little people who live in my country. I will define and enforce ‘equality’ in my little country. Jesus agrees with me. I am the hand of God. I will now make my horse, Incitatus, a consul.”

  • http://www.thelibertypapers.org/ Stephen Littau

    Hugo apparently asks the question: WWJO (Who Would Jesus Oppress?)