The Blind Leading The Blind

Now, as we’ve all been taught for many years, the free market is the tool of evil brutes, who’d just as soon toss your kids into a sweatshop (if not outright slavery) to produce products that are dangerous and deadly, and will collude amongst their fellow ruffians to ensure that consumers have no recourse to change. Our government, on the other hand, is full of sweetness and light, and is the only possible thing protecting the masses of humanity from the fate those blackhearts in business would press on you.

Previous presidents, of course, understood that it was important to keep some of these nefarious characters around, preferably in ones cabinet where they can be closely monitored. The EEEVVVIIILLL Republican presidents, of course, gave them the position of “adviser”, while I’m sure the virtuous Democrats merely kept them around as “opposition research”.

Not Obama. He wants nothing to do with them whatsoever:

Obama's Cabinet

Ugh! Those dirty folks with their [cough]business[/cough] experience! Keep them away! They might tell us why reality will interfere with our 5 year plans!

What’s next, putting the fate of our automakers in the hands of a 31-year-old who’s never run even a lemonade stand? Oh, wait — he already did that.

Hat Tip: Nick Schulz @ AEI, via Katherine Mangu-Ward of Reason