Ron Paul Wins CPAC 2012 GOP Straw Poll

It doesn’t necessarily mean much of anything, but I’ve got to admit that this libertarian was quite pleased to hear that Ron Paul won the straw poll at this year’s CPAC gathering in Washington, D.C.:

Ron Paul won the CPAC straw poll today, ending Mitt Romney’s streak and serving notice that about a third of the attendees at the gathering — and a good chunk of those driving the conservative revival — stand pretty well outside the Republican Party mainstream.

Still, Romney scored second at 22%, the only other candidate in double digits, and the results are a reminder of his pre-eminence as the establishment GOP and conservative frontrunner.

What there wasn’t: A groundswell for Palin, who didn’t show. She came in third at 7%, in a pack with Tim Pawlenty, Mike Pence, Newt Gingrich, and Mike Huckabee, in that order.

Full results:

Screen shot 2010-02-20 at 5.48.10 PM

If nothing else this does seem to show that libertarians aren’t sitting back and letting the conservatives run things.

  • Josh Fulton


    Here is a story I just wrote giving 75 reasons to be skeptical of global warming.

    I’d be glad if you’d consider it for your website.

    Thank you.

    Josh Fulton

  • Peter

    Umm, Ok, I read your page, and while it has quite a list of very good points on the current scientific status of Global Warming, I fail to see what that has to do with who conservatives think should be the next president?

  • DrewJ

    It’s exciting to see Ron Paul back. The Establishment is worried, and they should be.

    He raised more money than any other Republican in 2007, and he’ll likely do that again in 2011.

    It will be more difficult for the media to marginalize him this time, too.

    Big change is coming, for real this time.

  • Peter

    I still do not think Ron Paul has any chance at winning the general election. Last election the establishment just ignored him, I do not think that will work this time around. They will have to at least acknowledge the points he is bringing up.

  • Bob

    Its like old times at TLP! People are writing about Ron Paul, Doug is back with a column, and Drew went as far as writing “Big change is coming, for real this time.” Can it be long before Buckwheat and Darrel tell us that RP is going to be the next President?

  • Brad Warbiany


    It’s not the old days yet. We haven’t seen traffic spike through the roof, and the 100-comment flame wars threads haven’t shown up.

    But I’m sure the true believers will find their way back, and we’ll be back to our old form!

  • Akston

    Some of the crazy Ron Paul supporters still read (and occasionally post) at TLP. In fact, it was the Ron Paul 2008 campaign that actually put TLP on the map for us.

    Personally, I love to see Ron Paul winning at CPAC. 2012 election issues notwithstanding, I see the win as an indication that an increasing number of college students have heard his ideas and support limited government and fiscal responsibility.

    Sounds good to me.

  • lolz

    nah those high traffic days are over for this blog. even RP-bashing, a la Reason Magazine style, that contributors here were so keen on a couple years ago is not going to resurrect that level of activity.