Liberty Papers Bracket Challenge 2010

March Madness has arrived. For the first time, I’ve decided to throw together a Liberty Papers Bracket Challenge. Hosted at CBS Sports (p/w “thomaspaine”), feel free to sign up. Hurry, of course, as the games start Thursday morning.

Scoring rules are somewhat standard, but with a kick on the first two rounds. Picking a winner adds their seed to your point total, meaning you get significant benefit from picking the right upsets during those first two games.

The winner will earn a guest post here at The Liberty Papers, with minimal restrictions on tone and subject.

Sign on up and let’s see what you’ve got! And of course, consider this an open thread to root for your favorite team. I think my allegiance is well known…

  • nic

    CBSsports won’t let me access the league. I log in with my user name “nic_stersic”, and it says I need to have access to the league and to contact the commissioner.


  • Brad Warbiany


    It should allow you to enter using the pool password “thomaspaine”.

    You may want to try this link instead:

  • Dividist

    I’ve done more lurking than commenting here, but the guest post incentive pulled me out of the woodwork.

    I think I’m in (I don’t like the CBS bracket tool – they re behind the Yahoo curve).

  • Brad Warbiany

    Thanks, Dividist…

    And I hope you spend more time commenting and less time lurking :-)

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  • BradPorter

    Let’s all take a moment to learn about Robert Morris, the first recipient of a government bailout in history.