The Cost Of Repeal

So, the CBO says this bill lowers the deficit. And thus, says Ezra Klein, it’ll be tougher for the Republicans to repeal, should they win control of Congress:

And as a reader reminds me, people should also remember that “now that the reform bill is the law of the land, [repeal] would increase the budget deficit relative to current law, at least in the eyes of the CBO.” So if they weren’t going to find offsets, they’d also need to overrule pay-go.

Cue AHA! moment:

If spending needs to be accounted for within pay-go, then the doc-fix will require $200B of offsetting cuts!

…until I found out that the doc-fix was exempted from PAYGO rules.

Presumably if the Republicans regained control of Congress, they could similarly exempt certain things from PAYGO accounting.

But let’s just assume for a moment that they didn’t want to cut such — I’ve found an answer!

Based on the results of this study (h/t Megan McArdle), maybe they can just find offsetting cuts in our stupid policy of subsidizing corn and taxing sugar.

Nah, never mind, the Republicans know that won’t play in Iowa.

  • Eric

    Brad, I think one of the things that the Democrats don’t realize is that they just crossed the Rubicon. From now on, going forward, both the GOP and the Dems will do whatever is necessary to cram shit through Congress. No more desire of bipartisanship, no more following the Congressional rules, just get it done and to hell with what the other side thinks or the people think.

    So, the GOP will almost certainly find ways around PayGo and Filibuster when it comes time to try and repeal healthcare reform. They will hold a 10 PM vote on a Sunday in the House on it. They will use every dirty trick, bribe and pay off they can find to jam the thing through. And it’s the Democrats own fault when the GOP does that. That’s what happens when you go nuclear like Obama-Pelosi-Reid just did. Of course, those three will be gone by 2013 when this happens anyway.