And The Slimmed-Down Lady Sings – TLP Bracket Challenge

Jennifer Hudson might have slimmed down to sing “One Shining Moment”, but the NCAA seems to want to turn March Madness into a bloated flabby mess. It’s a stupid decision, but then again, the NCAA isn’t known for its desire to act in the fans’ best interests. After all, if basketball decided a champion the way it’s decided in football*, either Kansas or Kentucky would be celebrating this morning.

But they’re not. Butler made a strong run, but the team that fulfilled the dream is Duke.

That means we had a last-second change to the standings in the TLP NCAA Bracket Challenge:

1. William Satterwhite – 279
2. Nate McHugh – 277
3. nic stersic – 264
4. Brad Warbiany – 262
5. Doug Mataconis – 260

So congratulations, William! I’ll be contacting you offline soon to handle the guest posting opportunity, and if you don’t hear from me, contact me at the admin link listed on the left sidebar.

I’ll be planning to do this again next spring, and I definitely learned a few things. First, I initially worried that I biased scoring too heavily to the first two rounds, but William and the Duke Blue Devils proved that selecting the correct champion was still just enough to squeak into victory. That said, this year was significantly more upset-heavy than most, so in future years I’ll try to better balance scoring opportunities between rounds.

Either way, it’s been fun, and it should be a nice tradition to continue.

* Yes, I know there is no official NCAA champion in football, and the BCS Championship is not an official NCAA championship. The BCS champion is, though, the de facto national champion, and the NCAA is culpable as they haven’t done anything to change the situation.

  • Alan

    “Yes, I know there is no official NCAA champion in football”


    Not true:

    Not to mention the division II & III champions.

    I do admit to being biased. I have a nephew that just finished his football career with Villanova. And yes, I realize that about half* of the I-A** teams play at a higher level than the best that I-AA** has to offer.

    * Some might say most, but after following I-AA for five years I would have to disagree.

    ** I dislike the FBS and FCS designations to put it mildly.

  • Brad Warbiany


    You are correct, and I oversimplified. I should have known someone would’ve gone FCS on me.

    But I’d point out that all of those schools, when their championships are mentioned, always receive the qualifier of “Div II Champion” or “FCS (fka Div I-AA) Champion”, whereas Duke this year in basketball will be known as the national champion. But at the same, if you ask the average sports fan who football’s national champion is, he’ll tell you Alabama, despite the fact that this is a BCS-awarded championship and holds zero weight with the NCAA. ‘Bama can add it to the other 450 or so national championships they’ve claimed to hold.