Wayne Allyn Root Is Poison For The Libertarian Party

Wayne Allyn Root, the businessman and online gambling advocate who served as Bob Barr’s running mate on the Libertarian ticket in 2008, is casting his lot in with the birthers. As Radley Balko reports, Root promotes on his Facebook page his participation in a “trial of Barack Obama” that took place last week in New York:


What’s this trial all about, you might ask. Well, here’s a description:

With thousands of spectators expecting to attend, Dr. James Manning’s ‘trial of the century’ of Barack Obama on charges of treason, fraud, and sedition begins tomorrow morning at 9 AM in New York City. Co-defendants in the trial are Columbia University and the CIA. In the last days of the run-up to the trial, Manning revealed that he has sources in government that will testify against Obama, Columbia, and the CIA. He also reported explosive information that Barack Obama has used upwards of 20 different Social Security numbers during his life. Witnesses are expected to testify at the trial that Barack Obama was never a student at Columbia University, although he received a degree from the school. Dr. Manning claims that Columbia, therefore, is an accomplice to fraud. Other witnesses are expected to testify that Obama fails the Constitutional test for Presidential eligibility due to the fact that his father was a British subject at the time of his birth and his mother was not old enough to confer citizenship when he was born. A dramatic new revelation, however, may serve to re-emphasize the importance of the trial. The state of Hawaii, according to sources, did NOT accept his birth registration that was filed, despite issuing a ‘statement of live birth.’

This is the same James Manning who became famous last year when he started referring to President Obama as a “long legged mack daddy” and who joined Birther Queen Bee Orly Taitz last year at a protest that nobody attended against Fox News for “covering up” the birther story. Root hasn’t said anything one way or the other about the birth certificate issue that I’ve been able to find, but he does seem to buy at least part of the argument:

FireShot Pro capture #267 - 'Facebook I Wayne Allyn Root' - www_facebook_com_profile_php_id=1162754668

Of course, the possibility that Root and Obama may have traveled in different circles at Columbia, a school that had thousands of undergraduates at the time, does not seem to have occurred to Wayne at all, since he’s expressed this belief before. Why is this important ? Well, this year, Root is running for Chairman of the Libertarian National Committee, and he’s made it clear that this is merely a stepping stone to the 2012 nomination for President. Based on stuff like this, and the impression I got from reading Root’s The Conscience of a Libertarian, which I will be posting a review of in the very near future, I’ve got to completely agree with Radley Balko’s take on this:

I’m not a member of the Libertarian Party, though I’ve spoken to several state conventions over the last couple years. I have my problems with the party, but I’d like to see it do well, in part because for better or worse the LP has a significant impact on how people view libertarianism.

So let’s be clear about this: If Wayne Allyn Root becomes the face of the LP, it will be an unmitigated disaster for the party. It will also likely do quite a bit of damage to the public perception of libertarianism as a philosophy.

This is batshit crazy, off-the-charts conspiratorial hogwash. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to criticize Barack Obama. Root has chosen to dip into angry-white-guy, “Obama’s a secret Muslim” absolute and utter lunacy.

Libertarians: The man is a nut. Associate with him at your peril.


Originally posted at Below The Beltway

  • http://thesteadydrip.blogspot.com Sam Sewell

    If you are not suspicious of a man who hides his history I have a bridge in the desert I want to sell you.

    If you are unwilling to call for an investigation of a man who attempts to sell you a bridge in the desert I have some beach front property in Florida at the intersection of I75 and Florida # 29 that I want you to buy.

    If you place a down payment on a contract for the bridge in the desert and the beach front property in the swamp I would conclude that you voted for Obama

    Do you really think AKA Obama would have won the election if all the things he is hiding were made known?

    Do you really think AKA Obama will be able to finish his first term if all the things he is hiding are made known?

    The only conspiracy is the media and the obots who suppress the revelation of AKA Obama’s history.

    Obama “I have nothing to hide but I’m hiding it.”

  • MikeMa

    Manning is an ex-con with a lot of missing marbles. Birthers fit right in.

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  • Brian Miller

    It’s hilarious to watch Root’s deranged followers claim to be “opposed to a man who hides his history.”

    Root himself hid his history from his supporters and the LP. Had Tom Knapp not publicized the catastrophic collapse of Root’s business, it’s $29 million plus in accumulated losses, and its years of negative working capital (i.e. operating despite being insolvent — defrauding anybody who was a customer or creditor by doing so), Root would have been able to get away with his claims of being a “successful millionaire businessman” instead of a failed one.

    Yet the Rooties seek to embrace a racist conspiracy theory about the president that has been thoroughly discredited — all while ignoring the truth about their own hero.

    What fools they be.

  • Anthony

    It strange that a person who wants to be president believes in an idea that has been debunked. Many presidential candidates have avoided embarrassing controversial ideas, as they know it would damage their chances. Even though Root has no chance of be coming president on the The Libertarian Party, me may be damaging his chances are the The Libertarian Party candidate.

    For over 48 years there has been absolutely nothing that contradicts the president as being born in Hawaii. However, these conspiracy theorist who doubt this fact insist on making strange arguments without providing anything.

  • http://conservativeblkwoman.blogspot.com conservativeblkwoman

    @Anthony writes “It strange that a person who wants to be president believes in an idea that has been debunked”

    Debunked???? The “birther” idea has not been “debunked” perhaps it has been ignored. Perhaps if someone would debunk it then it would go away. But the fact of the matter is that whether or not Obama was born in the U.S. he became an Indonesian citizen when dual citizenship was not allow so he is now a “naturalized” citizen. Debunk that and I’ll be satified and perhaps so would Rev. Manning and Wayne Allyn Root.

  • http://www.thelibertypapers.org/ Stephen Littau

    I think I will reserve judgement about Root until I know a little more (I haven’t got around to reading his book either). I’ve been a supporter of his since I’ve been aware of him but if he is in bed with the birthers, this deeply troubles me. I don’t see what Columbia University has to do with the whole birth certificate issue.

    But before we cast too many stones concerning Root’s associations with the birthers, I would remind everyone about Ron Paul’s associations with Alex Jones, Jessie Ventura,the 9/11 truther movement, and the Stormfront associations. To me being tied to movements which say 9/11 was an inide job is even worse than saying Obama isn’t a natural born citizen. Despite these associations, I am willing to support Ron Paul now and in the future (though I would like for him to distance himself). Both Paul and Root are right on at least 95% of the issues but should be more careful about the company they keep.

    I think we would be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t have some kind of ‘poisonous’ relationships though.

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  • Windy Wilson

    Well. Is there ANYONE else who can be shown to have been born somewhere else who has a Hawaiian Certificate of live birth? If the rules are as the challengers say, SOMEONE else must have such a collection of documents. Show that such a thing is possible, or it comes out like the bizarre conspiracy theories that require arcane skills not previously know to exist, and the ignoring of skills that have been demonstrated.