Quote Of The Day

From TJIC:

In short, 1 American out of a million obeys every single law they are aware of.

The vast majority of us first consider whether a law is necessary and moral, and if it is not, we then do a cost benefit comparison, and follow they law only if we want to.

Most will deny that, of course, but in less than two minutes you can find, at the VERY least, traffic laws they’ve knowingly broken. In fact, nearly half have toked up.

It’s amazing, in fact, how many laws are “for thee and not for me.”

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  • darmeen

    Whether we choose to obey or break a law, if we are caught breaking that law, there will be consequences for it. If you break the speed law, you may not get pulled over, but if you do get caught, you are charged a fine (as that is the punishment for that offense). Just because we choose to disobey certain laws does not mean that there are no longer any consequences. Our Immigration Laws are no different. Many more than 1 in a million Americans wish there was a cop handy when some yahoo flies past them like they were sitting still.

    We are a sovereign nation, and our rule of law should be upheld. I don’t care what our country has to offer them that they can’t get in their own country. My step father followed the process and came here legally, so can they.