Pay More Taxes — It’s What Honest Abe Would Have Wanted

Eliot Spitzer says that we should re-read the Gettysburg Address to regain that sense of sacrifice necessary to keep our bloated government doing its holy work.

Because nothing makes me more appreciative of the men who laid down their lives for the freedom of others than supporting the very government that’s hard at work taking freedoms away.

  • EscapedWestOfTheBigMuddy

    There is no point in quoting Spitzer on anything.

    His opinion does not–and can not–have any value whatsoever because everything that comes out of his mouth must be assumed to be purely self-severing. Forever.

    I’ll go further: maintaining client number 9 on the payroll to make public pronouncements is a clear sign of not caring about the truth.

    I’m looking at you, Slate and the Washington Post and CCNY and MSNBC.

  • Michael

    Eliot Spitzer should re-read his own life story and see why no one takes him seriously. Spitzer campaigned on weeding out prostitution, while frequently high class prostitutes using his public servant’s salary. And somehow this green goblin remains in national politics.