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July 20, 2010

Voting For Smaller Gov’t In November? Good Luck

by Brad Warbiany

As Chris pointed out last week, Republicans might be able to get us to at least a divided Congress in November. One expects that if they do, they’ll stand athwart the tracks as the big-government train approaches, yelling STOP!

But their bark is worse than their bite:

Yeah! Go Red team! Go Democracy!

via TJIC, who as always gives it the extra flourish that a graph like this really needs.

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  • Norm

    Only when we reform our election from 1st past the post to some sort of ranked balloting will the spoiler effect be eliminated so that someone outside the 2 main parties has a ghost of a chance at being elected. I like IRV but any ranked choice would be way better than what we have now. Only then can we break this 2 party polka to eternal debt.

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