From the Left and Right, Marijuana Legalization Faces Opposition

At this point in time, there is reason to be optimistic about the legalization of recreational marijuana use. If it does become legal then you may be interested in checking out a site that offers indica cannabis, however, there are plenty of other websites that you can check out. Obviously, you have to wait until it is legal before you can purchase, check out the law of your region before purchasing. Once legal, you might enjoy growing your own cannabis plant. For this, it’s best to buy seeds from Royal-Seed-Bank and to research the best growing methods thoroughly. This is a great way to know the exact product you are smoking and is an enjoyable process for a lot of people. Andrew Napalitano was able to get Sarah Palin to back the “lowest criminal priority” position on his show, while Oakland, California seems to be positioning itself into a future marijuana growth mecca with a local ordinance allowing industrial marijuana production in the city:

Oakland’s City Council passed a resolution late Tuesday night, which could make it the first city in the state to give official permission to the industrial marijuana production, using equipment like a rosin press for example to produce high quality solventless cannabis extracts. If Oakland does decide to go ahead with this change in the law, they’ll need to be able to cope with the demand, as marijuana is a huge market so industrial machinery is a must. The move is considered groundbreaking as it will ensure commercialization of a crop that is mainly cultivated in hidden gardens. “This is a monumental step forward,” said Dale Gieringer, an Oakland resident and the longtime head of California NORML, which backs the legalization of marijuana. “It really means moving into the era of industrial-scale operations, and Oakland means to do it big.”

Meanwhile, liberal politicians from California, predictably disappointing on this issue, such as Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, are coming out in opposition to legalization:

Democrat Dianne Feinstein, California’s senior U.S. senator, has thrown her weight behind the effort to defeat Proposition 19, the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Initiative of 2010. Apparently Feinstein believes that California’s present pot prohibition, which was initially enacted in 1913 yet has done nothing to reduce the plant’s availability or use, is worth keeping.

If the double-headed behavior of the Left weren’t enough to give marijuana legalization supporters an aneurysm, the support of Ron Paul, Andrew Napolitano and maybe even Sarah Palin isn’t enough to guarantee right-wing support to a final end to the failed drug war:

“Angry old Republicans are not our friends,” warned Dale Gieringer, executive director of the California chapter of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). He predicted “a very tough campaign” ahead for Tax Cannabis 2010, even without a right-wing rally. As libertarian and small government as they purport to be, the Tea Party-types are all-but-guaranteed conservative votes, votes that could tip the balance against Tax Cannabis 2010 — which in latest polls is scoring about “50-50,” according to Gieringer, who dropped the news Sunday during day two of the International Cannabis & Hemp Exposition at the Cow Palace on Saturday.

It’s unfortunate to see how unpredictable this initiative is. For bureaucratic educational reasons, I can’t vote while I’m here in California. I’m still registered in Washington state, so I have no voice on this issue except to urge people to go out and vote for Proposition 19. Our state already failed on same-sex marriage. We’d better not fail on this one.

  • Don C

    In my wildest dreams I can’t imagine why there would be any opposition to legalizing this plant, first of all this plant has been proven to have medicinal value, second of all, states could sell it and tax it, and add money to there coffers, third it will create jobs accross the board, fourth it will eliminate a criminal enterprise, this drug could have similar controls that liquor has, it could be sold in outlets much like liquor stores, and personal use would be a personal decision much like drinking alcohol is, the law enforcement agencies
    would focus on real crime and real criminals, as I said earlier it would still be illegal to drive under the influence of this plant, This plant has been judged by bias and prejudice, not by facts,so who stands to lose if this plant is made legal? only liquor, and drug companies, liquor has had a monopoly on the good time business for a long time and doesn’t have or want any competition, drug companies run our lives telling doctors and patients you need this, well dirt comes out on these needed drugs weekly, and attorneys are lining up to sue them, Marijuana could eliminate the need to take many prescription drugs, and that’s why, a plant naturally growing on this earth is in prohibition wake up, use your common sense and this plant will be legal for all…..

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  • Ernst

    I am an active personal medical gardener.
    I see for profit growers do not want Cannabis decriminalized nor do they want big corporate growers in the market.
    We have a culture where Cannabis being illegal is the foundation. This foundation is to be transformed into a commercial market with Prop 19 but the actual freedom for people is extremely limited with Prop 19.
    While Prop 19 supports industry of any size it allows property( not people ) to have one 25 sq ft garden no mater how many people live there, creates Dry Counties where there will be no Canna-Businesses opportunities and puts the Landlord in control over renters and their gardens.
    So while all cannabis people want Cannabis Freedom Prop 19 isn’t Legalization it’s decriminalization.

    The harsh new punishments in Prop 19 are also something that will hurt Prop 19 in the voting booth.
    Myself i am undecided on how I will vote but I will vote.

  • Michael O. Powell

    Ernst – Are we really so anti-corporation that we aren’t going to think of the massive level of people criminalized for marijuana offenses before worrying about pot being sold in drug stores? The latter of which, as a libertarianish guy, I hardly see as something worth worrying about. If anything, it is opportunity for growers such as yourself to boost your profile and gain more influence.

  • mtlasagna

    all of the left, some of the right, and more than half in the middle are for cannabis legalization.

    the time has come.

    legalization is going to win in nov in cali.

    the movement is gaining momentum daily.


  • Michael O. Powell

    Thank you for that dose of optimism. =D