“Thank God for the Constitution”

A great comment from Obdicut, which I found in the jungle of my last post’s comment thread:

Michael, I’m sorry posting this has led to the stalkers having one of their uber-bizarre meltdowns in the thread.

It’s a well-reasoned piece. I too, as an atheist who is against extremist religion of all forms, including Islam, supported “Draw Mohammed Day”, and now, seeing the level that the anti-Muslim bigotry has risen to in the US, feel embarrassed that I didn’t see this coming.

I would like to also note that Charles recently pointed out an old post of his, back in the ‘old days’ on LGF where it was definitely still mainly focused on being anti-Jihad, where he was very disturbed by some of those leading the anti-Jihad fight. Even though the commenters at that time mainly chose to ignore it, he was still, back then, warning that there were bigots and crazy people involved in the anti-Jihad campaign– for whom it wasn’t anti-Jihad, but rather anti-Muslim.

I wasn’t a member of LGF back then. I only became one after the election, when Charles really started getting disgusted with the insanity breaking out on the right-wing, but the narrative he presents– someone shocked by 9/11, shocked by the spread and ferocity of Islamic extremism, casting about for sources and ideas in combating it, and then realizing that many of those sources and ideas have little to do with combating Islamic extremism and everything to do with combating everyone outside a narrow scope of white protestants– rings true for me.

Islamic extremism is still a potent and deadly force in the world, but the main thing that this ‘controversy’ over the mosque has taught us is that those who have been, po-faced, claiming they just want moderate Muslims to speak up are utter liars. They do not even believe in the concept of moderate Muslims. They are anti-Muslim, and, in so being, are anti-American; thank god for the Constitution.

  • Propopius

    The whole stupid Ground Zero Mosque controversy was planned for public right-left wing fake Constitutional argument -fake distractionary headline news fodder -fake prepping the public to hate Muslims just in time for Iran to put their nuclear facilities online and the resultant reaction…

    just a fake story all around for your planned outrage. kthnx Pentagon.

  • Obdicut

    Oookay. Not even going to engage with that propopius conspiracy there.

    I did want to add on to something that was said by someone else in the last thread, about how much this resembles the 1950s. One of the main reasons I have a clear idea about ‘liberty’ being a concrete, and not an abstract function, is that a very dear friend of mine– now sadly passed away– was one of the Berkeley professors who was fired for not signing the loyalty oath.

    His name was Charles Muscatine. He was an amazing person, a WWII veteran who’s reason for not signing was, “I already signed an oath to the US Navy and I don’t feel like signing another.

    Read more about him, and hear him speak, here:



    It is important to remember that these debates have consequences that go beyond elections and policy. The crazy tide of anti-Muslim sentiment is probably already costing some decent people their jobs and livelihoods. I hope that it stops before it costs them their lives.