Coming Soon: The War on Tacos

Now, this is just lame:

“The City of Emeryville, California, is looking for individuals to serve on its new ‘Food Truck Taskforce’ — a bureaucratic reaction to the increased competition local ‘brick and mortar’ restaurants face from mobile kitchens. Local worker Catherine Hicks tweeted, ‘restaurants are whining that trucks are more popular at lunch!’ But the city sees this shift in lunching habits as a political problem requiring a political solution …” (09/14/10)

This has been mumbled about quite a bit before, but mostly in southern California. Apparently multiculturalism isn’t a strong enough ethos among Bay Area lawmakers to welcome the rise of taco trucks selling legitimate, authentic Mexican food.

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  • Brad Warbiany

    This makes me stabby.

    I just learned the joy of food trucks. Where else would I be able to get a kimchi quesadilla?

  • Michael

    Agreed brad. And these trucks are started by folks who would never be able to otherwise pay the costs of corporate businesses in a place like emeryville. They should be the natural allies of left wingers in the bay area but apparently emeryville would rather protect the business of chipotle.