Advanced Screenings of “Conviction” Coming to a Theater Near You

The movie “Conviction,” starring Hillary Swank and Sam Rockwell will have advanced screenings of the film beginning next week in most major U.S. cities. I’ve already received my free movie pass, you can get yours here (if there are any passes available in your city).

The Innocence Project has more details about the true story of Kenny Waters and his sister Betty Anne Waters’ determination to put herself through law school to find a way to prove her brother did not commit the crime.

  • Wendy Phillips

    It’s good that some light is being shed on the plight of the wrongfully convicted. However, more needs to be done to compensate them for the years they lost. I have always been an advocate for the plight of the wrongfully convicted. I wrote an article about this on my blog.

    Or just go to:

    then search for the article on “Compensation for the Wrongfully convicted.”


  • Stephen Littau

    Great article Wendy!

    Do you plan on going to the free screening?

    I think we are very much kindred spirits on this issue. I believe it should be very expensive to the state (tax payer) to put the wrong person in prison for the reasons you stated (I think about $1 million per year spent wrongfully incarcerated, tax free plus reimbursement for all court/legal fees would be a nice starting point). I also believe that prosecutors should be held both civilly and criminally responsible for any misconduct that leads to an improper conviction (and if a person is wrongfully executed as a result, I think the prosecutor should be charged with murder and possibly subject to the death penalty).

    I don’t know how often you visit The Liberty Papers but I have been writing here about criminal justice reform since 2007. I hope you’ll check back for new content (I have some big posts on this issue coming up) and take a look at our archives. I think you may particularly be interested in my post: The Scales of Justice Need Rebalancing

  • Wendy Phillips

    I’d love to attend a free screening, but can’t get tickets. Good article on the justice system. Criminal defense attorneys rock!