James O’Keefe Taking Aim at NJ Teachers Union

Noted for his role in taking down ACORN, gonzo filmmaker James O’Keefe is at it again. The Daily Caller provides an overview:

O’Keefe, best known as the force behind last year’s ACORN scandal, said the first video was shot at a meeting of the New Jersey Education Association in August. Entitled Teachers Gone Wild, the tape shows people identified as teachers speaking in what appears to be a hotel lounge, as well as in a conference room. O’Keefe says the video was gathered by a “team of videographers,” whom he and his colleagues at Veritas Visuals hooked up with hidden microphones and cameras. O’Keefe says the journalists “weren’t in costumes.”

In one video, Alissa Ploshnick, who is identified as a special educator at Passaic Public Schools, seems to verify the worst suspicions of education reformers. “It’s really hard to fire a tenured teacher,” she says. “It’s really hard – like you seriously have to be in the hallway fucking somebody.”

As an example, Ploshnick said, “we had a teacher that just recently was like – you NIGGER,” adding that the teacher was demoted, but is still teaching.

O’Keefe is organizing an event Monday in front of New Jersey’s statehouse in Trenton to call for that specific teacher’s identification – and dismissal.

“The time has come to put party politics aside and put our children first,” said Darryl M. Brooks, former New Jersey Senate candidate and long time community activist, stated in a release announcing today’s news conference. “I am tired of the pandering we hear every election cycle from our elected officials that we need to improve our education system, while nothing gets done. We continue to fall further and further behind other nations around the world when it comes to education, our schools continue to crumble, and our children, especially in the inner cities are being shortchanged. To add insult to injury must we now endure teachers calling students the N word, while the NJEA stands by and does nothing but protect one of their own.”

“Their office building directly across from the Statehouse in Trenton is called ‘The Kremlin,'” added a political consultant friend of mine who has worked a lot in New Jersey.

Here’s the first video. The Liberty Papers has been informed that additional video will be released soon. Additional information located here.

UPDATE: Here’s the second video:

  • http://www.belowthebeltway.com Doug Mataconis

    Was there a boat involved in this latest O’Keefe scheme?

    Sorry, can’t take this guy seriously

  • Robbie Honerkamp

    I agree that O’Keefe isn’t someone to take seriously – the more I hear of him, the more I think he’s a bit of a douche. I think he’s trying to be the Michael Moore of the right, and I have to wonder if that’s really what the world needs.

    Still, after watching the first video, I just have to say “eh”. Teacher’s unions don’t like the anti-union governor? SHOCK! Teachers and administrators talk smack about each other and their jobs outside the workplace? SHOCK! Unions are trying to shove things into contracts that benefit their members? SHOCK!

    Come on – this is New Jersey. If there’s anything shocking in the video, it’s that New Jersey teacher union politics appear to actually be relatively tame compared to what I expected.

    I’m certainly no fan of the unions, but this is pretty weak stuff IMO.

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  • http://www.belowthebeltway.com Doug Mataconis

    This is about what I’ve come to expect from O’Keefe — “SHOCK VIDEO” that really isn’t all that shocking.

    And, of course, antics better left to college frat boys

  • marc jacobs

    How does a teacher get demoted, but is still teaching? Doesn’t make sense. A tenured teacher either gets fired after the ridiculously lengthy process, or they get suspended with pay, similar to a cop does when under investigation. It shows how some teachers are nuts when liquored up in a bar or convention, that’s all this shows.
    Revamping the tenure process is definitely something that needs to be done, not just because of extreme examples like this, but also because of the teachers that are no longer effective.

  • Silas de Goute

    James O’Keefe is exposing corruption that most people (such as those who commented previously) are too afraid to talk about it.

    All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. James has stepped up. He has spoken without fear. The videos speak for themselves. You can discredit James all you want, but the fact is, the truth comes out in his videos, and in times like this we absolutely need someone to do what hes doing. Keep it up James I fully support you.

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