Mike Huckabee: The Benedict Arnold of Today’s Tea Party Movement

“If a libertarian thinks he’s a better Republican and calls people like me a RINO or a liberal, I have a real problem with that.” – former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee in a recent television interview.

Of all of the politicians likely to become presidential candidates in 2012, it’s probably former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee who scares me the most. He’s got a unique ability to praise small-government types in one breath then dis them with the next. People, especially in the Tea Party movement, either aren’t aware of how he REALLY feels about them or tend to forget such important details as his actual quotes and voting record.

Because of this, I find it important to remind people of Huckabee’s past whenever his name pops up on the electoral horizon. In my latest attempt at statist Whack-a-Mole, I tried to remind folks of the Huckster’s true record. As a refresher course for folks visiting this site, here’s what he told HuffPo not so very long ago:

The greatest threat to classic Republicanism is not liberalism; it’s this new brand of libertarianism, which is social liberalism and economic conservatism, but it’s a heartless, callous, soulless type of economic conservatism because it says “look, we want to cut taxes and eliminate government. If it means that elderly people don’t get their Medicare drugs, so be it. If it means little kids go without education and healthcare, so be it.” Well, that might be a quote pure economic conservative message, but it’s not an American message. It doesn’t fly. People aren’t going to buy that, because that’s not the way we are as a people. That’s not historic Republicanism.

Lest anyone think this is merely some random quote taken out of context, let’s see what Time does in an interview with Huckabee about his book:

In a chapter titled “Faux-Cons: Worse than Liberalism,” Huckabee identifies what he calls the “real threat” to the Republican Party: “libertarianism masked as conservatism.” He is not so much concerned with the libertarian candidate Ron Paul’s Republican supporters as he is with a strain of mainstream fiscal-conservative thought that demands ideological purity, seeing any tax increase as apostasy and leaving little room for government-driven solutions to people’s problems. “I don’t take issue with what they believe, but the smugness with which they believe it,” writes Huckabee, who raised some taxes as governor and cut deals with his state’s Democratic legislature. “Faux-Cons aren’t interested in spirited or thoughtful debate, because such an endeavor requires accountability for the logical conclusion of their argument.” Among his targets is the Club for Growth, a group that tarred Huckabee as insufficiently conservative in the primaries and ran television ads with funding from one of Huckabee’s longtime Arkansas political foes, Jackson T. Stephens Jr.

It seems that my rant caught the attention of Judge Andrew Napolitano’s producer Austin Peterson. Over the weekend, Napolitano interviewed the former governor on Fox’s Freedom Watch.

“But you don’t believe that the federal government should be concerned with people blowing smoke in other people’s faces?” asked Napolitano.

Huckabee’s responses blew smoke — not in people’s faces — but up a totally different orifice. He avoided answering a question about Constitutional authority, then came out sounding a bit more libertarian on privacy issues.

When Great Britain’s King George III raised taxes and caused other grievous injustices to the colonists, we knew who the enemy was. For the last two years, President Obama, House Speaker Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and others have played a similar role.  During the Revolutionary War, the enemy was easy to spot and distinguish: They wore red coats. The traitors were more problematic, though. By squeaking out small-government noises lately, Mike Huckabee has become the Benedict Arnold of today’s Tea Party movement.

In the interview, Huckabee didn’t provide us with a shermanesque statement about his 2012 presidential ambitions. I’ve called out Huckabee’s record on countless blogs and media interviews, and even suggested to Rachel Maddow that Tax Hike Mike can’t tell if his tea bags swing to the left or to the right. Because Huckabee dons new uniforms like Benedict Arnold, it’s imperative that we all continue to tag Tax Hike Mike with “a RINO or a liberal” label as often as possible unless we wish to see the GOP nominate another John McCain as their presidential candidate.

Here’s the “Huckabee & Libertarians” segment on Fox:

UPDATE: Jason Pye pointed to the post which started this all off and a commenter notes:

I think part of that is because people still haven’t dug very deep into his record. Huckabee’s populism is I think as bad as it gets. Take the bad parts of both parties and put them into one dude, and you’ve got an ever-refattening Huckabee.

WaPo’s “Who Runs Gov” blog notes: Trouble on the right? [Mike Huckabee] is christened “The Benedict Arnold of Today’s Tea Party Movement” by the Liberty Papers.

UPDATE II: Over at Liberty Pundits, Melissa Clouthier scribed:

Dear Christian Conservatives intoxicated by the Jesus talk: It’s not Christian to steal from one person and give it to someone else. Mike Huckabee is a Big Government populist who wants to use government programs for Christian ends. The problem with that is it is inherently wrong. You cannot take the liberty of one person and increase the liberty of another. Period.

Doug Mataconis adds: “Hey Huckster, it’s on.”

  • http://www.thelibertypapers.org/ Stephen Littau

    I would support Obama before I would support Huckabee. He’s the reincarnation of William Jennings Bryan and the worst of both worlds that the Democrats and Republicans have to offer (govenment in the bedroom and the board room).

  • Clacks

    I sure do like this Mike Huckabee. Hope he decides to run in 2012!

  • Jones

    I identify myself with the Tea Party, and Mike Huckabee’s comments here are not slamming us. Furthermore I hate the libertarian movement and I, as well as all of the Republicans I know, (And I know literally hundreds of other Republicans), do not consider libertarians part of the Republican party. That is why they have their own party. I voted for Mike Huckabee in the last presidential primary, and can’t wait to do so again. Huckabee 2012!!

  • http://www.PrudencePaine.com Prudence

    If you don’t want libertarian conservatives in *your* party, you will never see another Republican elected ever again. And if Huckabee is your idea of the ideal Republican, that would be just fine with me.

  • procopius

    Yeah Huckabee sucks major ass. But I think the only reason you’re seeing him doing anything with the Tea Party is just him trying to jump on the last GOP bandwagon he can possibly jump before completely fading into obscurity for the remainder of his life.

    I mean hell, we had to choke back our vomit seeing *Dick Armey* looking completely ridiculous in his 10-gallon cowboy hat (literally folks) all over CNBC and FOX about 2 months ago. That guy is in exactly the same situation as Huckabee. And both of them are essentially garbage.

  • Lynn

    Enough of this RINO label. Huckabee is a conservative not a libertarian so stop judging him by that standard.

    I’m with Jones…Huck was my guy in 08 and will be again in 2012. I hope he runs.

  • Gary Walter

    Count me in as another strong supporter of Gov Huckabee. I don’t know what the author’s real beef is witht he Governor but Huckabee’s common sense conservative message seasoned with civility is actually what is needed to overthrow the leftest government we now endure. Huckabee 2012!

  • procopius

    Person(s) is/are obviously “thread-banking” this topic right now….

  • http://www.thelibertypapers.org/ Stephen Littau

    Jones, like it or not the libertarian voting block is almost as large as the evangelical/social con voting block. You cannot win without our support. If Huckabee, Romney, or Palin win the 2012 nomination, you will get your wish: we won’t support the Republicans and Obama will be reelected. It’s that simple.

  • Robert

    Anyone who uses “Huckster” in an article shows that they are more focused on calling names than actually discussing the policy successes and failings of a given person. We need a better political discussion instead of drivel based on making fun of people’s names.

    “Yeah Huckabee sucks major ass”
    — Another grown up comment. People who write like say more about themselves than they do about others. They are saying “I’m a man child and I don’t know how to rationally interact with others”

  • http://www.thelibertypapers.org/ Stephen Littau

    If Huckabee can call himself a “conservative”, the term literally has no meaning.

  • procopius

    “Robert” hey tell us the source of the Huckabee thread-banking going on right now. I’ll excuse your hypocrisy about the civility of discourse if you’d enlighten us to the internet source of this.

  • Maxine

    I was convinced that I would support Gov. Mike Huckabee 100% the first debate in which he participated in 2007. Since then I have found that his answers are consistently sharp and sensible just as they were in that first debate.

  • Earl Grey Decaf

    Are you kidding? Huckabee has been very consistent in his support of all the tea party stands for. I hope he runs in 2012; if he does, he’ll have my support all the way.

  • http://www.thelibertypapers.org/ Stephen Littau

    Really Earl? Tax Hike Mike is consistent with the Tea Party message?

    Maybe you should consider his record: http://www.arkansasleader.com/2007/11/editorialswhos-biggest-tax-raiser.html

  • http://stephengordon.com Stephen Gordon


    The Tea Party movement of which I’m aware is adamantly opposed to deficit spending. When running for president, Huckabee proposed increasing the deficit by a measly $50 billion or so.

    Do you consider yourself a federal-deficit Tea Partier? If so, you are the first of which I’ve heard.

  • http://stephengordon.com Stephen Gordon


    So are you stating that you like what Huckabee said in a softball debate or what he has DONE in real life?

  • http://www.johnkillian.blogspot.com John Killian

    I supported Ron Paul in 2008. However, the last two years have found me more favorable to Huckabee.
    1) He has been consistently supportive of limited government on his Fox tx show
    2) He supported all of the right-of-center folks in the primaries this year.
    Not yet ready to commit to Huckabee, but I am not as down on him as I once was. I would take Huckabee over Romney

  • http://stephengordon.com Stephen Gordon

    Huckster defined:

    1. One who sells wares or provisions in the street; a peddler or hawker.
    2. One who uses aggressive, showy, and sometimes devious methods to promote or sell a product.
    3. Informal. One who writes advertising copy, especially for radio or television.

    I fail to see any problem with my usage of the term.

    BTW, here is Urban Dictionary on Tax Hike Mike:

    A nickname for the politician Mike Huckabee

    Tax Hike Mike raised taxes again.

  • http://www.thelibertypapers.org/ Stephen Littau

    If Huckabee is respected within the Tea Party movement, then this confirms many of my suspicions that it isn’t serious about cutting taxes or spending.

  • procopius

    “1) He has been consistently supportive of limited government on his Fox tx [sic] show”

    Pretty much sums up the deal with this madness.

  • http://stephengordon.com Stephen Gordon

    Jones: “Furthermore I hate the libertarian movement and I, as well as all of the Republicans I know, (And I know literally hundreds of other Republicans), do not consider libertarians part of the Republican party.”

    The GOP dissed libertarians in 2006 and 2008 and look where that got them. Welcomed back in 2010, the GOP wins again. This still must be a tough pill for fiscally liberal social conservatives to swallow.

  • http://stephengordon.com Stephen Gordon


    This author’s beef with Huckabee is twofold:

    1) He is a big-government Republican.
    2) He manages to convince people otherwise.

    Compare the facts of his voting and rhetorical record to the comments on this thread and you’ll see my position vindicated.

  • http://www.johnkillian.blogspot.com John Killian

    Well, in spite of my comments above, I must say that every time I find myself thinking positively about Huckabee, I hear again from Stephen Gordon–who always makes sense on everything.

  • http://stephengordon.com Stephen Gordon

    “I identify myself with the Tea Party, and Mike Huckabee’s comments here are not slamming us.”

    First of all, the Tea Party movement is 50% libertarian.

    Which part of the Tea Party do you identify with? The part which hates fiscal conservatism, the pro-deficit spending part, or assaults on the Constitution?

  • procopius

    The two go hand in hand.

  • http://stephengordon.com Stephen Gordon


    I appreciate the sentiment. All I ask of people to too look at his voting record and public statements he has made in the past.

  • Lynn Lewis

    I was one of the speakers at the Washington, DC “Tax Day Tea Party” on April 15, 2009. You can also see me in TV or YouTube coverage of the event. I have been following Gov. Huckabee since 2007, and have examined his record thoroughly. I’m happy to tell you that Mike Huckabee is a staunch defender of ALL the things we stand for. I urge you to please check out his record for yourself. Find out what legislation he’s passed or vetoed, what he’s said in debates, and check out his books in the library. Huckabee is a fiscal conservative, and his record as governor for 12+ years bears that out. ALL the politicians claim that they stand for lower taxes and less government, but Huckabee is the only leader whose record shows he means it.

  • Lynn Lewis

    On Nov. 28, 2007, Dick Morris published an article titled, “Mike Huckabee IS a Fiscal Conservative.” Do a Google search. The article appeared on RealClearPolitics, and it is full of facts, figures, and hard numbers. Here is an excerpt:
    “In Arkansas, the income tax when he took office was 1 percent for the poorest taxpayers and 7 percent for the richest, exactly where it stood when he left the statehouse 11 years later. But, in the interim, he doubled the standard deduction and the child care credit, repealed capital gains taxes for home sales, lowered the capital gains rate, expanded the homestead exemption and set up tax-free savings accounts for medical care and college tuition.
    Most impressively, when he had to pass an income tax surcharge amid the drop in revenues after Sept. 11, 2001, he repealed it three years later when he didn’t need it any longer.
    He raised the sales tax one cent in 11 years and did that only after the courts ordered him to do so. (He also got voter approval for a one-eighth-of-one-cent hike for parks and recreation.)
    He wants to repeal the income tax, abolish the IRS and institute a “fair tax” based on consumption, and opposes any tax increase for Social Security.”

  • http://stephengordon.com Stephen Gordon


    As some of the commenters and many of the readers here will attest, I’ve been very heavily involved in the Tea Party movement since long before being a Tea Partier was cool.

    I’ve yet to see a Tea Party activist defend deficit spending. Yet here is what Huckabee proposed if elected president.

    I’ve yet to see a Tea Party activist defend tax increases. Here is what Huckabee did while in office.

    Most Tea Partiers I know claim a strong adherence to the Constitution. Here is Huckabee sending a thrill up the leg of Chris Matthews (and his applauding liberal audience) when stating that he would impose a federal smoking ban in the workplace. In other words, business owners have their constitutional rights trampled by this act of nanny-statism.

    Are you disputing the facts I am presenting? If so, on what basis?

  • Mike G

    There’s stupidity and then there’s ignorance – I can tell which one this article falls under. Mike Huckabee is the ONLY high profile individual that was against TARP! He predicted what would happen when other people were running for cover! It is a matter of record. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlxi5JeXsxs

    Not only is he a conservative but he knew exactly what those policies would result in well over a year ago! He’s a pretty smart and insightful guy – and one that we can trust because he makes good decisions.

  • http://stephengordon.com Stephen Gordon

    “ALL the politicians claim that they stand for lower taxes and less government, but Huckabee is the only leader whose record shows he means it.”

    So Jeff Flake, Jim DeMint, Ron Paul and others (just at a federal level) don’t have fiscally conservative track records?

    And what about Chris Christie and many others at a state level?

    Are you sure you mean to say “only leader”?

  • procopius

    Social Security is one of those trillion-pound gorillas in the room that will be part of the debt-default/monetary collapse.

    LET US opt out of social security tax/benefits NOW.

  • http://stephengordon.com Stephen Gordon

    This is freaking nuts:

    “Mike Huckabee is the ONLY high profile individual that was against TARP!”

    So are the Huckbots so delusional that they think is “the ONLY high profile individual that was against TARP!”

    Wanna buy an Arizona bridge from me, guys?

  • procopius

    Look, a herd of them are posting in this thread due to someone seeing this blog post. It can’t be any more evident.

    Observe the normal activity here over the past month, and then take a gander and the time stamps posted within this evening alone. It’s fun really. Get to see a bunch of people herding a semi-ghost blog to what they think is a huge effect.

  • Rocky Farnham

    Mike Huckabee should run in 2012. I don’t see him as a career politician, but as someone who relates to real people and their real life issues. Out of all candidates in ’08, Huckabee won my support, and he has my support in’12. I really felt abandoned by the GOP 2 years ago, and Huck seemed to be the voice of reason for the party.

  • http://stephengordon.com Stephen Gordon

    First of all, here is the link to the Dick Morris article.

    I’ll grant that Huckabee, from time to time, does something fiscally conservative. This said, Morris misses out on a lot of key points.

    Instead of increasing taxes, one might argue that a true fiscal conservative would have decreased spending.

    Morris could have mentioned that a lot of what Huckabee did was required by law. Arkansas has passed a balanced budget amendment.

    I remember having Dick Morris autograph a book once. After years of party swapping to the presumed highest bidder, I simply wondered if he was going to sign it with his left or his right hand.

  • Barbara S.

    I’m a “small l” libertarian who just voted Republican for the first time in a decade. After reading these Huckabee comments, I never will again.

  • Barbara S.

    Rocky – I’ve been abandoned by the GOP since 1994, mostly because of smallminded people like you.

  • http://independentamerica.org Joseph Oddo

    I have to wonder why any L, G or I would ever vote for either of the titanic parties. That alone is a betrayal, something that a swing voter can be expected to do. But as true indies or members of a better party, what a wasted vote.

    SG> thanks for posting this on Huckabee. I sense he is fading but doesn’t want to so quickly.

  • http://stephengordon.com Stephen Gordon

    Joseph, by the intensity and feel of the comments left on this post, I very strongly suspect he isn’t fading away, but about to mount a very professional presidential bid.

  • procopius

    Kind of have to blame Judge Napalitano for some of this. Someone with that kind of OG Tea Party cred had no business seriously interviewing pond scum like MH

  • http://stephengordon.com Stephen Gordon

    procopius, it’s probably just a Fox thing. They work together and all.

  • http://threebeerslater.blogspot.com richard mcenroe

    He’s a freaking COP KILLER. Why are we still talking about this cornpone Dukakis?

  • http://stephengordon.com Stephen Gordon

    RM: Ladd Ehlinger and I were just chatting about a viral video regarding Huckabee. Thanks for bringing up the Willie Horton concept.

  • Matt

    It’s been pointed out that without libertarians, even those mild libertarians, the GOP won’t win. What amazes me most is that GOP candidates with the best appeal to independents have the least support amongst GOP voters. And nearly vice versa, Huckabee has zero independent voter support. He’s just that awful of a candidate.

    @Rocky, what do you call a career politician then? Lt Governor from ’93-’96, Governor from ’96-’06, Presidential candidate in 2008, and seemingly going to run in 2012. That’s 2 decades of politics (well over half of his adult life!), sounds like a career to me!

    He’s the worst kind of conservative. Unable to separate his religion from politics, he seeks to force his religion on all. Not unlike so-called jihadist Muslims.

  • Scott

    I always thought Ron Paul supporters left the worst trail of spammed blog comments imaginable. After this cluster of Huckabee support, I’m not so sure anymore. I think it’s going to be a very ugly presidential election campaign.

  • JDY

    I think Gov. Huckabee’s creation of the Tax Me More Fund in Arkansas shows his ability to annoy and shut up liberals in an effective conservative manner. I understand that we have folks that are scared of him because of his ability to communicate much like they were scared of Ronald Reagan in the late 1970’s.

  • Dambo

    Anyone who support Huckabee will also support his “fat tax” that he wanted to employ on the people of Arkansas.

    he is an economic liberal, social conservative. And, frankly, we don’t need that right now.

    My boat is hitched to Sarah Palin. And it’s going to stay hitched.

  • wow

    Articles like this give me hope. Hope that the GOP’s gains last week really were just a fluke. It seems as if there was an uneasy alliance between 2 groups who just wanted to see Obama fail. For one group, the RINO’s as most of this readership would seem to call them, it was purely political. He’s a democrat, so therefor his version of “big government” would give the breaks to labor unions and government programs instead of the ridiculously wealthy corporations who fund the Republican machine. The other group, the true believers, let’s call them, consider all government intervention in our lives anathema and tyranny. This includes overwhelming popular and successful programs like environmental protections and Social Security. The lone exception for some is defense spending. Which is funny to me considering that to a true libertarian fearful of tyranny, a massive military should really be the biggest concern. As someone who thinks both groups are quite insane and laughably uninformed about the history of this nation (and others) it will be fun to watch them battle over the soul of ‘conservatism’ in this nation. I would suggest to both sides: get Fox News on your side.

  • Akston

    Read Mike Huckabee’s record and decide for yourselves. After reading this summary, and several others like it, I’ll pass on Mr. Huckabee.

  • http://www.chalkartist.com Randy Davis

    I have read a lot of articles and blogs in my day but this one has to be bar none, the most idiotic group of words ever assembled since Obama’s last teleprompter speech. There is no question in my mind that the GOP has within their power the ability to force Obama into being a one termer, but that is only if they get behind Governor Mike Huckabee. Not sure if he will run again , but it would be nice to have a true fiscal and social conservative (not to mention an adult) in the White House. Those who know him best support him the most. There is a reason for that. They know his real record, not the twist fest and nearly humorous distortions that even some “conservatives” engage in.

    I personally know people who lived in Arkansas during his time as Governor. When Huckabee arrived, Arkansas was a corrupt state, with education, unemployment and infrastructure ranking among the lowest in the USA. And despite lowering taxes more than any Arkansas governor in state history, he has always answered for one significant tax hike to rebuild the state’s foundational woes. What you don’t hear much of, is that he signed the bill into law after the voters passed a ballot initiative in favor of the tax funded projects…by 80%!

    Huckabee didn’t raise taxes, the people did. And to say that the most visible advocate for the Fair Tax Plan in American politics is liberal with economic policy, seems more than a little odd. That is not a liberal vision regarding tax reform and economic recovery. It, like many of his ideas and accomplishments, is an example of thinking outside the box and being bold enough to enact creative solutions to big problems,without worrying what the polls will say the next day. He answered to no establishment. He was loyal to no lobbyist.

    What his record shows as an executive leader, is that he is the most deserving person to credit for the literal modernization of the state. By the end of his era, Arkansas proved to be a model for restoration. It had a booming economy, low unemployment, better schools (went from 48th to 9th place), higher incomes and a relatively low tax burden compared to many states. And, though he arrived with the biggest state debt in history, he left with a surplus of millions.

    Mike Huckabee is in a league of his own. He has the most experience of anyone in the GOP bullpen at this time and has a likeability factor that would run off of any chart. Plus, his communication skills would even be envied by Ronald Reagan. Comparing Mike to Mitt Romney or some of the other “establishment candidates” would be like comparing Thomas Jefferson to George Jefferson. If Obama wins a second term, it won’t be because of the liberals. It will be because many so called “conservatives” were so ill-informed and boneheaded where Huckabee is concerned that they failed to unite behind the wisest, most talented leader our nation has seen in a generation. Rush-Beck-Coulter-Malkin and their ilk offered up Obama for us the last time around , and it would appear they are gearing up for act two in 2012. Had they been honest with themselves and their audiences in 2007-2008, they would not be whining 24/7 today about the socialistic drain America is swirling down — because it’s quite possible Mike Huckabee would be President today.

  • GSuzanne

    I am interested and have met many people from Arkansas who attest that Gov. Huckabee was an outstanding leader, who benefited his state like no other governors there have.

    And politically speaking, he is a true conservative winner. Partly because of Huckabee’s positive endorsements, over 80% of his 126 endorsed conservative candidates won in 2011 races. This is not some anti-conservative, anti-tea party man. He strongly endorsed and helped Rand Paul to win, and he was far earlier than Palin and the tea party in choosing to elevate Marco Rubio to national attention.

    Guys, it is just wrong (morally and intellectually) to publish falsehoods as you have in this article and through many of the comments.

    Probably due to early misrepresentations of Rush, Coulter, and Malkin, which continue unabated, many of you have been misled. Contrary to being a fiscal liberal, Huckabee is probably one of the most conservative and responsible with the taxpayer’s money of any conservative leader. He left his state with a balanced budget and nearly a billion dollar surplus that he intended to be returned to the people. And unlike Rush, Malkin, and Coulter, he has actually led a state and has a positive record in more than just talk.

    And wouldn’t you like it if we could get rid of the IRS and put in place the well-researched Fair Tax plan? I sure would.

    I would suggest that people consider for themselves without the prejudice opinions of the aforementioned Rush, Coulter, and Malkin. At one time I believed the prejudiced misinformation of these three media personalities, who I often agreed with on other matters. But then I was able to get ahold of and to read for myself Mike Huckabee’s books, to actually research his record, and to find out what he himself said and accomplished. I was a bit shocked, for the real man and his record had little resemblance to what those who had chosen to bitterly oppose him for questionable reasons have told conservatives. I think they have had their favorites and have become jealous because Huckabee is outdoing them.

    It makes no sense how some conservatives oppose Huckabee (and libertarians for that matter.) I can understand opposing Obama and Reid and Pelosi. Now that makes sense.

    Despite your opposition here, many independents and as many as 20% of the Democrats would support Huckabee for President. He is the only conservative Republican to win by 8 points in a Presidential poll of a possible match against Obama. In this growing consensus, as well as in his ability to speak and debate, Huckabee is probably the only true Reaganesque conservative to be able to lead our nation back to fiscal sanity, and away from dangerous liberalism. I hope that many libertarians will join in backing him after they take an unbiased look at who this amazing leader really is and what he is doing for our country.

    Romney is close to Huckabee in the polls, but he has RomneyCare hanging like an albatross around his neck. He is not really a conservative because he opened the door for big government to come in and control the people’s lives.

    I have met Huckabee a couple of times and find him the nicest person you could imagine. He is respectful of people and genuinely cares about you. How anyone can come to such negative conclusions as I read here shows me that some people are just prone to bitterness, malcontent, and spreading false rumors. No one is perfect, but this is one of the finest gentlemen around as well as one of the most intelligent. America should be so blessed to have a President like Gov. Huckabee. I hope someday you all can meet and get to know the real man.

    Huckabee has not announced his intentions to run for President. But I hope you will give him the honor you would like for yourself–of being heard. Not judged on the basis of what those who hate him say.

  • Scott

    JDY, the Libertarian Party was setting up Tax Me More funds before Huckabee did. Just another example of why people call him the Huckster.

  • Liberty is For Me

    I cant believe people are still marching in the statist parade …Are you people insane ?

  • http://stephengordon.com Stephen Gordon

    Re: “Guys, it is just wrong (morally and intellectually) to publish falsehoods as you have in this article and through many of the comments.”

    Please point out any falsehood I wrote.

  • http://stephengordon.com Stephen Gordon

    “Plus, [Huckabee’s] communication skills would even be envied by Ronald Reagan.”


  • Bob

    I am strongly in favor of Huckabee.

    He is a proven executive, having returned Arkansas from the Dem disaster left by the Clintons.

    He has shown he can work in a divided political environment and get things done.

    He can win, as he was second in delegate count in 2008, ahead of Romney and the others.

    He is no longer an unknown, due to his popular (#1 on weekends) cable show.

    He has shown fiscal responsibility in his Arkansas government (with a Dem legislature proposing spending measures and a host of federal mandates), and in his 2008 campaign (check out the numbers).

    He is a solidly moral, virtuous man, not a two-faced Kerry or Romney, or a lying bait and switch politician like Obama.

    He is unashamed of his faith, but does not force it on others. He is a gentlemen in this regard.

    He is an accurate mirror of heartland America, of struggling families, of hard-working businessmen, and of maligned public servants. He has been all of these.

    He believes in second chances, even if it is risky. We all need second chances.

    Governor Huckabee will be a great president.

  • Liberty is For Me

    Hitler was a great orator and was not in favor of federal control of your cigarettes …not sure of Huckabees stance on internment camps

  • Bob

    Responding to Prudence on Libertarians and Republicans.

    Republicans and libertarians share some ideological ground, but there are also some striking differences.

    Here in IN-02, the Libertarians were used by the Democrats to break up the conservative vote and get in their Blue Dog Dem. He Democrats actually published mailers the weekend before the election touting the Libertarian as “The True Conservative” against the (very conservative) Tea Party Republican, draining off enough votes to put in the liberal. Check the numbers.

    So don’t tell me the Libertarians are needed for Republicans to win elections – this Libertarian, who had no hope of winning on his own, cost the conservatives a house seat.

    Libertarians (small l) who want to win elections rather than make a statement (like my teenage daughter wants to make) join the Republican party and fight through the primaries with their ideas on their shirt sleeve.

    Primaries are one of the great strengths of our political system, and are unheard of in most countries. I noticed that the Libertarians and Democrats around here do not engage in primaries, preferring to choose their candidates in private.

    Some libertarian Republicans (such a Ron and Rand Paul) win their priamaries and some are rejected by the voters. That is the nature of our republic.

  • Liberty is For Me

    A great president is an oxymoron

  • http://stephengordon.com Stephen Gordon

    “He has shown fiscal responsibility in his Arkansas government (with a Dem legislature proposing spending measures and a host of federal mandates), and in his 2008 campaign (check out the numbers).”

    If Huckabee is so fiscally responsible, why did the Club for Growth give him an F?

    “He is a solidly moral, virtuous man, not a two-faced Kerry or Romney, or a lying bait and switch politician like Obama.”

    This entire article is about the two faces of Mike Huckabee. Did you even read it?

    “He is unashamed of his faith, but does not force it on others. He is a gentlemen in this regard.”

    In his own words, Huckabee drinks a more socialist “Jesus juice

  • http://stephengordon.com Stephen Gordon

    Liberty is For Me: “not sure of Huckabees stance on internment camps”

    If we are going to go Godwin here, I’m curious about how Huckabee would feel about Hitler’s mandatory diet plan in the ghettos.

  • Earl Grey Decaf

    What are we doing? Look people, we just sent a bunch of good conservative people to Washington to start fixing the mess we are in. Is this kind of thing a “divide and conquer” strategy on the part of the far-left socialist extremist faction currently in power?

    Huckabee, Palin, Ron Paul, the Tea Party (am I in favor of the Tea Party? Earl Grey…ya think?) We are ON THE SAME SIDE. Let’s get together and fix the problem–otherwise welcome to Orwell’s kind of place.

  • http://stephengordon.com Stephen Gordon

    Earl, there is a big difference between Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee — almost like day and night.

    The reason a lot of us tend to go after Huckabee is that we find him very squishy on fiscal issues and think he takes it too far on social issues.

    As someone who would never advocate increasing government spending or increasing taxes, I find that Huckabee has much more in common with Obama and Pelosi than he does with me.

  • Liberty is For Me

    I am not on the side of government…There is little difference in Huckabee and Obama .I vote me for government

  • Earl Grey Decaf

    Please look at the bigger picture. We are on a runaway horse headed for a drop off into the Grand Canyon. Conservatives need to get in the saddle and turn the horse around before it is too late.

    People like Mike Huckabee who can work with all kinds of people toward a common goal and really get things done don’t come along very often. We NEED him.

  • Earl Grey Decaf

    Why even respond to an article that is merely an attack on Huckabee–or Palin, or Paul or any other good guy.

    Posts like this one do the conservative movement–and our needy country–a great disservice.

    Haters come in all stripes–they just spew hatred. Doesn’t do anyone any good.


  • Bob Carey

    Mike Huckabee is the second coming of Ronald Reagan.Reagan said the greatness of the U.S. was like a 3 leg stool. The legs being:economics,defense, and social values.Those strict Libertarians who only care about economics,
    and hurl insults at those who consider social values, can LICK MY TEA BAGS.

  • Liberty is For Me

    Social values ? Is that code for in favor of violence against others who’s morals are different than yours ?

  • Artus

    His last five words were the best. “…I have no business running.” What a tool shed.

  • http://11bmos.com David Erickson

    Mike Huckabee is the man!! Best option we have. Great video interview.

  • Leslie

    Why are we even commenting on this S. Gordon’s page? Obviously an ideologue who couldn’t reason if his life depended on it on Huckabee or much else probably. Thanks for the post’s trying to correct his misinformation, but with his in depth insights like “LMAO”? No thanks – waste of time.

  • Leslie

    Sorry to post again, but I forgot to mention the video. Obviously it puts Huckabee in a favorable light and Judge Napolitano obviously likes him enough. Not sure why on Earth anyone would post this as a negative video. And I agree. Who the heck are you to label someone a RINO if you’re not a Republican in the first place? They would define themselves, not a libertarian! lol Gimme a break.

  • http://stephengordon.com Stephen Gordon

    Leslie, first of all, I am a Republican elected to an executive committee position. One can be a libertarian and a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, etc.

    Second, please indicate what’s wrong with my reasoning…

    Did Huckabee increase taxes multiple times?

    Would he have dramatically increased deficit spending?

    Has he banned smoking and proposed the same at a national level?

    Please answer these simple questions or otherwise explain how he “couldn’t reason if his life depended on it.”

  • Artus


    If that’s all you’ve got you’re in WAY over your head. You don’t want to play verbal tennis with Mr. Gordon.

    I do think it’s funny, however, that you post here asking why people are posting here just before explaining what a “waste of time” it is to do so. Do you troll other blogs as well?

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