• procopius

    Uh Doug, is this post your announcement that you will be extremely, unhealthily obsessed with Rand Paul to the same degree that you were with Ron Paul back in 2008?? (yes anyone can go back and trace this out)

  • Abject_Disappointment

    Procopius, last time I checked this was still The Liberty Papers; hence, I would expect those Representatives and Senators that tend towards Liberty more than most, will likely get more coverage. It is neither the fault of the authors of this site, nor yourself, that the Paul family tends to best represent those traits currently in both Houses.

  • procopius

    You know what Abject_Disappointment… it is to that sentiment that I rise and ask this entire blog: What In The World are you about?

    What we have here, is one blogger telescoping what the meaning of “rape” is in the the context of a ginormous, obvious, issue of taxpayer health care (abortion) funding that’s gone on long, LONG before any notion of the modern Barack Obama Healthcare initiative was conceived, while, another senior blogger posts an air-head/vacuous ‘soccer-mom’ quote and sort of says ?”hey, comment on that.”

    Now while I plainly see the thick irony of why he posted that, I do now have to call out all senior contributors to this “libertarian blog” for their motives. Either it is blithe irony, or focusing on triviality while ignoring basic liberty tenets.

    Finally, I’m going to point this out. And, it’s fitting that I do so in this now dead thread that was meant to be a typical “fire and forget” pick-me-up made by Doug as a very familiar slight to anyone whose last name is Paul:

    It just so happens that the renewal of part of the PATRIOT Act failed the HoR yesterday. That was a pretty big deal, okay? This was due in no small part to statements and activism on the part of both Ron and Rand who gave statements of intent regarding PATRIOT Act renewal. You can read Rand Paul’s intent the day before voting here:

    and, video here:

    And, it ended up failing (this time around). This is a BIG deal folks. On NPR they proclaimed that the reason it failed where “many Tea Party Freshman Congressman joined some Democrats at the last moment” and basically that’s why it happened. They just tried to spin the whole story into a “is the GOP falling apart?” bullshit.

    Point is: where the hell is the Liberty Papers on ANY of this? This blog should stand out to any outsider for its real body of work, and right now it’s looking pretty goddamn shoddy to say the very least. Maybe I’m mistaken and this is more of an unspoken “National Defense Libertarian” organization?

  • procopius

    You know what, even *that* excuse wouldn’t fly; your precious Bob Barr is all up on the anti-TSA bandwagon and at this point there is no excuse on the planet for sheer assery of this place. Whatever it’s about here it stinks to high heaven.

  • Abject_Disappointment

    Procopius, I was not aware I ever presented Bob Barr as precious to me in any way.

    As for your earlier statement, I cannot comment on why the failure of the initial renewal of several provisions of the “PATRIOT” act were not covered right away. I’m not an author of this blog; however, as they have covered it since, I do not see an immediate issue as I’m sure the authors of this blog do not sit next to their computer just waiting for topics to write about, and very likely only do so when they have time.

    You rise and ask what we are about, those of us who believe in the sentiments of that this blog tends to promote. Allow me to answer you. Liberty, Freedom, and those rights granted unto us by G-d that by no right, by no creed, by no code, and by no morality does anyone have to infringe upon.