Gary Johnson At CPAC 2011

Gary Johnson, the former Governor of New Mexico and a likely candidate for President, addressed the crowd at CPAC this morning in what was a well-delivered and fairly well-received speech:

I spoke briefly with Governor Johnson last night at a meet and great that was attended by a large number of people. He strikes me as an excellent spokesperson for libertarians in the GOP.

  • Stephen Littau

    The more I hear from Gary Johnson, the more I like him. I have yet to find one reason not to support him in 2012.

  • Charlie Nugent

    That’s a great speech and the guy has a great back ground. Thanks for sharing.

  • John

    I read elsewhere, in a maybe-not-so-reliable source, that Mr. Johnson was trumped by C&W music before he was allowed to actually finish speaking.

  • Stephen Littau

    That wouldn’t surprise me John. He did finish 3rd in the straw poll though. Not too bad considering CPAC originally wasn’t going to allow him to even speak.

  • John

    I want somebody different to come forward. I want somebody that doesn’t answer to corporate interests or trade tax money for votes.

    I’m not sure the general population understands how depraved the government and its corporate controllers have become.