Birthers Got Punk’d, Yo!

When I woke up on Wednesday morning to the news that Obama had released his birth certificate, I’ll admit that I was a bit confused.

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.
Napoleon Bonaparte

It seemed to me at the time that the birther distraction was helping Obama greatly, siphoning away reasoned political opposition to his policies and making the fringe of the Republican and Tea Parties the primary focus of the public eye. Even moreso that Donald Trump had picked up the charge. The face of the right became Orly Taitz and Donald Trump, much as the face of the left had become Cindy Sheehan and Dennis Kucinich towards the end of the Bush years. It’s never a bad idea to paint your ideological opponents as crazy; it’s especially effective when they cooperate. The birthers are no different than the truthers or the “selected, not elected” morons. They accomplish exactly nothing but tarnish the reputation of people who have legitimate beefs with an administration.

Obama releasing the certificate seemed to me to be likely to take the wind out of the sails of the birther movement — it seemed to take the “crazy” off the political table. I thought that the crazy wouldn’t simply double-down, but as Obama has proven over the last few days, I was wrong.

The birthers have taken a non-issue and allowed it to paint Obama as the victim of racism. Then, just when they were gaining steam, Obama “gave in to their demands” in a political move intended to look like he’s taking the high road. The proper move from the birthers would be to walk away. Instead, they’ve pressed on even harder [and crazier] and it makes Obama look like even more of a victim than before.

So here’s my message to the birthers: You got played like a fiddle. You were, and you continue, to work for Obama’s ends rather than against them by distracting the nation from legitimate criticism of his policies. And as much as you think you’ve got ironclad evidence that Obama isn’t qualified to hold office, you — like the 9/11 truthers before you — are never going to win.

Let it go.

  • Patrick

    Brilliantly and succinctly put Brad. This is directly out the Carville & Rove hand books. Allow the lunatic fringe to appear to be the majority opposition.

  • Stephen Littau

    Brad, I couldn’t have said it better. The birther movement is the gift that keeps on giving for Obama’s reelection efforts. I think Obama’s releasing of the long form birth certificate was completely politically calculated; he called their bluff. “Here’s my birth certificate.”

    Of course Obama’s political operatives must have realized that no matter what, the birthers would say the birth certificate is a fraud (someone has already gone through the trouble to “prove” the document was doctored using Adobe Illustrator . I don’t have any expertise to objectively say one way or another if the document is legit but the bottom line is, it’s not going to matter to most Americans even if Obama isn’t a “natural born citizen.” (If the average American isn’t going to be angry about Obama’s other much more serious constitutional violations, why would they care about where in the world his mother gave birth to him?)

    Obama’s releasing the birth certificate in this very early stage of the 2012 campaign was brilliant in that by the time election day comes around, most people are going to be so sick of this issue (if they aren’t already…I know I am) that any candidate who would be in the same room as a birther would have little or no chance of beating Obama.

  • Tom Degan

    Well! Heavens to Betsy and thank goodness! It’s all over! The proof is right there! Finally we can put this whole nasty question of the geography of Barack Obama’s birth behind us and get on with the business at hand, right? Right???

    Oh, ye of such abundant faith.

    We have had the evidence in the palms of our hands since the day Barack Obama announced his candidacy four years ago: There was the standard, state-issued birth certificate – which should have settled the issue right then and there. Then there was the August 9, 1961 edition of the Honolulu Advertiser, clearly announcing the birth – in Honolulu (which as we all know is part of the United States) – of the future president of the United States. Finally the other day the president threw up his hands and released the “certificate.of live birth” (as opposed to the perfectly legitimate “long form” version). This was the document that was signed by the doctor and certified by the state of Hawaii within minutes of baby Barack’s birth. You would think that this would be enough to convince these nitwits, wouldn’t you? As a matter of pathetic fact, you would think that this would be more than enough – that the matter could now be mercifully put to rest once and for all.

    Think again.

    In the 2008 presidential campaign, of the candidates from the two major political parties, only one of them was born in the United States of America – Barack Obama. John McCain was born in Panama. Do you find it as curious as I do that it is the black guy who has had his citizenship called into question? I’m sure that that’s just a coincidence though. I’m sure that the man’s race has not a thing to do with it.

    I just made a twenty dollar bet with myself that I could write that last sentence and keep a straight face. I lost.

    There was Orly Taitz, the so-called “Queen of the birthers”, on MSNBC’s The Last word with Laurence O’Donnell, desperately trying to keep the lie alive. O’Donnell gave this idiotic woman a chance to show some real class by admitting that, yes, the certificate is official; Barack Obama was born in the USA. And yet she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. Oily Orly has made quite a bundle of cash in the last two years from her persecution of the truth. As someone once noted, it’s easy for people not to understand the obvious when their paychecks depend upon them not understanding it.

    Not that it makes a damned bit of difference, but Orly Taitz (the supposed “expert” on what it takes to be a honest-to-goodness, true-blue American) was born in Russia and raised in Israel – not that that makes any difference.

    Tom Degan

  • Jane

    You people are brain dead morons. What Obama presented is a bad forgery. The pdf files has the fucking illustrator history file intact ya fucking stupid imbeciles. GOD DAMN THEY DUBMED THE FUCK OUT OUT OF THIS FUCKED UP COUNTRY@! Go to fucking hell you brain dead morons