Ron Paul’s First 2012 Political Ad Warns Republicans to Avoid Repeating the Mistake of Trusting Democrats on Taxes and Spending

Can the Republicans trust Democrats and compromise by raising taxes in exchange for spending cuts in this debt ceiling debate? Ron Paul says “no” in his first 2012 political ad.

Why not trust Democrats? Ask former President George H.W. Bush what happened to him when he broke his infamous “Read my lips” promise that he wouldn’t raise taxes.

Hopefully, Republican’s will listen to Dr. No for a change, if only on this critical issue.

  • procopius

    Yeah and now it’s being interpreted as him taking a jab at Reagan as well, which is not going over well amongst the uninitiated, who always believed Reagan was a sort of ancient GOP saint.

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  • Thane Eichenauer

    Any Republican can choose to be offended by any given portrayal of Ronald Reagan. Any American will listen to the story told and decide that no person can change the past and then ask themselves…

    “What would Ronald Reagan do?”

  • VALiberaltarian

    I’m a bit confused. You’re saying that Republicans shouldn’t trust Democrats because when George W. Bush broke his promise not to raise taxes . . . he was attacked by Republicans? I don’t remember Democrats stabbing him in the back over the deal. Gingrich, Buchanan, and the more conservative wing of the GOP did. Are you holding it against the Democrats that they dared to run a candidate against Bush in 1992?