I Didn’t Even Know Gary Anderson Was Running in 2012!

I came across this in this discussion thread at the Agitator that I thought was too good not to share:

I’m pretty sure “Thom” wasn’t referring to Gary Anderson, the former kicker of the Minnesota Vikings (who to my knowledge isn’t running for president) but rather Gary Johnson the former governor of New Mexico (who is running for president).

I think this is exemplifies one of Gov. Johnson’s problems with name recognition. Both “Gary” and “Johnson” are such ordinary, everyday names. There’s a Gary Johnson who is an insurance agent who has an office not far from where I live. His name could just as well be Bob Smith or Bill Jones. If he were elected president, he would be the third President Johnson in U.S. history.

Names like Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum are uncommon enough that they stick in your memory once you have heard or seen the names in the media. I mean really, I have never met anyone who had a name like Mitt or Newt. These names are uncommon enough I don’t even have to hear someone say the last name to know s/he is referring to the former governor of Massachusetts and former Speaker of the House respectively. As for Ron Paul, while in isolation both names are quite common, he has the whole two “first names” thing going on.

Maybe the best thing Gov. Johnson could do is do what another famous Johnson did…

Change his last name to Ochocinco.

There. Gary Ochocinco. That ought to help boost his name recognition!

  • http://www.thelibertypapers.org/ Stephen Littau

    Tough crowd.

  • http://http://garyaanderson.com/ Gary A Anderson

    Not sure as to if your “Gary’s” are or are not in the scrimmage for the Presidential races of 2012 but I may have been the culprit in that, depending on the page you visit, I have over a million views; but I too am in a “Testing of the Waters” in Florida, as an Exploratory Candidate US Senate, Fl 2012. Maybe just a mix up on the position as I am Gary Anderson too!

  • procopius

    Just tell Reason Magazine to stop spamming desperate “RP Racist” and other threads on dailypaul.com … it has become quite obvious to everyone there that Reason is starving for new viewership. I’m sorry that GJ has not only been unfairly excluded from the debates, but on top of that, unfairly excluded from any national polling.

    But given that, it’s no reason for you guys’ Washington DC funded Reason Magazine to have been doing the ridiculous troll-a-thon that they’ve been doing for the last 72 hours, just to try to get some original viewership (I guess they’re lacking this).