Tweet of the Day: Newt Says Include Gov. Johnson Edition

Fairness requires Gov. Johnson to be included in tomorrow’s debate. I encourage Wash Post/Bloomberg to invite him.

-Former House Speaker & 2012 G.O.P. Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich via Twitter.

Some Ron Paul supporters think Gingrich is hoping to split libertarian support by saying that Gov. Johnson should be invited to the debate. That could be but it’s also possible that the former Speaker is being sincere. Either way, Gingrich is right and Ron Paul’s supporters shouldn’t feel threatened. We are on the same team!

  • procopius

    He’s just being pragmatic and is trying to create a least a small division of attention between two libertarian oriented candidates. Also it’s funny that he chose this Dartmouth debate to make such a tweet for Johnson’s inclusion, rather than one of the major TV network debates, where Johnson was very likely to be roundly ignored by the moderator anyway. This debate will definitely give Johnson more question-time.

    That said I’m all for it.