Open Thread: If I Wanted America to Fail… has released a great video (above) called “If I Wanted America to Fail.” It’s a pretty decent list of policies one would want to implement to cause America to fail but it’s far from complete.

Here are a few suggestions of my own:

If I wanted America to fail, I would want congress to abdicate its war powers and give those powers to the president so he could commit acts of war against any country he desires for any or no reason at all.

If I wanted America to fail, I would want these undeclared wars to be open-ended with no discernable war aim. This would lead to blowback and create more enemies for America.

If I wanted America to fail, I would have troops deployed around the world to make sure the world is “safe for democracy” but would topple regimes, even those elected by the people of these countries, if the president found the new leaders not to his liking. This would create even more enemies who would try to cause America to fail.

If I wanted America to fail, I would do away with due process – even for American citizens who the president considers “enemy combatants.” I would want the president to have the ability to detain these people indefinitely, ship them to a foreign country, and even give the president the authority to kill these people anywhere in the world they are found.

If I wanted America to fail, I would have the ATF sell arms to Mexican drug cartels so they could kill innocent people on both sides of the border. I would name this operation after a lame action movie franchise and pretend to know nothing about it when details were made public (It’s not like the media would have any interest in investigating this deadly policy because this is a Democrat administration).

Now it’s your turn. What are the policies being implemented now that you would want implemented if your goal was to make America fail?

  • Eric

    If I wanted America to fail, my spending would be 40% greater than my income AND I would finance overspending with credit cards I printed in my basement.

  • ricketson

    I would act as though alternative energy research and energy conservation programs were some sort of commie plot, so that we remain dependent on having access to immense amounts of a diminishing resource with a volatile price… and the next time the price spikes our entire economy would collapse.

  • ricketson

    I would convince Americans that they are much wealthier than they truly are, so that they fail to save for the future.

  • Stephen Littau

    I would be fine with any energy, alternative or traditional, provided that it isn’t subsidized. If it cannot survive in the free market, its not viable.

  • DoctorT

    If I wanted America to fail:

    I would select Supreme Court justices who ignore the Constitution.

    I would elect a President who treats the Constitution like toilet paper.

    I would support media efforts to promote bigger, more intrusive governments and to denigrate groups such as libertarians and Tea Party participants.

    I would push for our President and other politicians to promote racial discord and hatred of those with more money.

    I would whittle away at individual freedoms under the cover of safety, security, or crime-fighting.

    Strangely, I don’t want America to fail, but all of the above happened anyway.

  • ricketson

    Sorry if my comment did not fit into your intended discussion about policies and instead went off about attitudes and propaganda — I was responding to the FMA’s focus on such. I was particularly peeved by their conspiracy-theory scaremongering with regards to the mythical “global cooling” hysteria.

    Anyway, many of the self-defeating policies that I think of would not cause catastrophic failure in the way that a bad war can… instead, they are the little things that chip away at our prosperity and influence:

    1) I would prohibit drug use, and demonize drug users — thereby alienating a substantial portion of the population and motivating gang wars that destabilize neighboring countries.

    2) I would tell ambitious, productive, law-abiding immigrants that they are not welcome here.

    3) I would maintain a spiteful economic embargo on a neighboring country, thereby providing their rulers with an excuse for the effects of their own economic mismanagement, limiting the economic opportunities available to Americans, and creating conflict with other neighbors.

  • 230therapy

    If I wanted America to fail, I’d get the Supreme Court to rule that the Commerce Clause of the Constitution allows the Federal government to regulate all aspects of commerce in the states, rather than to merely prevent trade wars between states.

  • 230therapy

    If I wanted America to fail, I would convince Americans that they need to follow the guidelines of agencies that have no basis in the Constitution. Agencies such as the EPA have been ruled extra-Constitutional by SCOTUS, and EPA regulations only apply to the Federal government. I would convince Americans that the law says something other than what has actually been passed.

  • 230therapy

    If I wanted America to fail, I’d train Americans to pay taxes that do not apply to them. I’d get them to voluntarily sign up annually to do so through social pressure. I would then direct the IRS to accept these voluntary payments without correction.

  • Akston

    Here’s an interesting video rebuttal.

  • Akston

    Oops. Disregard the above post. It’s just a duplicate of the original.