Gov. Gary Johnson Speaks at Paul-Fest to Woo Disaffected Ron Paul Supporters

Over the weekend, former New Mexico governor and current Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson spoke to a mostly supportive crowd at Paul-Fest. Johnson praised Rep. Ron Paul for everything he had done for the liberty movement and pointed out their many areas of agreement as he asked for Paul’s supporters to vote for the Libertarian ticket. Johnson also made reference to the “exclusionary process” that is the Republican Party’s nomination process. Ron Paul had qualified to have his name considered for nomination at the convention and an opportunity to speak at the convention but the RNC had changed its own rules, to prevent any challenge to Mitt Romney’s nomination to give the impression to those watching at home that the G.O.P was united behind Romney. Gov. Johnson was also a victim of this process as he was only allowed to participate in two of the televised debates when he was running for the G.O.P. nomination.

The Johnson campaign has already cut a new ad – “Gary Johnson – Ron Paul REVOLUTIONARY” using the same lines from the speech.

I think Gov. Johnson makes a persuasive case. If you are a Ron Paul supporter, what better way is left to give the middle finger to the establishment than to vote for Gary Johnson?

  • Patty MacAllister

    I hope Gov. Johnson’s comments resonate with Ron Paul’s supporters. Instead of beating a dead elephant, why don’t Dr. Paul and his supporters rally behind Gov. Gary Johnson? It’s the Libertarian agenda we need to support. No one person owns the Liberty Agenda but Gary Johnson is in position to carry it forward. Go. to

  • procopius

    Adam Kokesh put it best: Assess your motivations for either voting or not voting in this election.

    If your motivation is to go to the polls and actually make your vote count towards anything other than R or D, the vote Johnson.

    If your motivation is loyalty to RP no matter what, write him in (if allowed in your state).

    If your motivation is distrust or disillusionment with voting, don’t vote.

    That said, Johnson is a worthy vote based on the man’s history and the philosophy of what stands behind him. But no, personally I won’t be stepping near a polling station.

  • missy77

    I live in New Mexico. We have our pros and cons and I can’t say whether Gov. Johnson is to credit or blame for any of it. We just elected another Republican as Gov. Susanna Martinez. Are we supposed to give up on Ron Paul??? Is it too late for our brothers and sisters to wake up and realize their canidate is mostly likely bought and paid for?