Resistance is Not Always Futile

There’s no question that the 2012 campaign has been full of disappointments for those of us who want less government, more liberty, and more prosperity in our lives. Very clearly, the game is rigged in large part due to the establishment media, powerful special interest groups, and the political parties themselves. It’s very easy to become disillusioned by the entire process and sometimes it’s tempting to give up and say “to hell with it!”

But rather than bring down you readers out there (as I often do), I want to share something very inspiring with you from Cato’s David Boaz (below). In Boaz’s lecture, he explains how everyday heroism hastened the demise of the Soviet Union. We libertarians complain – often with good reason, about how difficult it is for our voices to be heard in the two party system. For all practical purposes, the U.S.S.R. had only one political party and dissent was strongly discouraged…to put it mildly.

Yet somehow, ordinary people were able to rise up, demand the liberties we all too often take for granted, and prevailed! How did they do it? What can we learn from how these ordinary people brought down the Evil Empire, and more importantly, how can we apply these lessons here in the US?

  • Akston

    Apologies for adding what is undoubtedly a pale fictional echo to this moving chapter from reality, but I couldn’t help feel the similarity. I’m rewatching a sci-fi television series from the mid 1990’s called Babylon 5. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I liked the writing.

    In the story, one race has been conquered by another, and the ambassadors from both races are in counsel. I was always moved by a speech made by the vanquished ambassador (G’Kar). The writer must have had recent events like the fall of the Berlin Wall in his mind among other things when he wrote it. The timing is certainly right.

    The clip is here (4:40 min).

  • Stephen Littau

    Hey, I used a Star Trek reference for the title of this post so if you want to reference Babylon 5, knock yourself out :)