Atlas Shrugged Part II in Theaters This Weekend

Atlas Shrugged Part II is opening this weekend. Want to check it out? Follow this link to find a theater near you.

And now, the official Atlas Shrugged Part II trailer:

  • Steve S.

    Wow, I had not heard a thing about Part 2. I kind of assumed that Part 1 did not live up to expectations, and that they had abandoned the project — glad to hear otherwise.

    Also…kind of embarrassed to admit it, but the final scene in the trailer (2-3 seconds of Dagny coming out of the plane crash in Galt’s Gulch)…kinda brought a tear to my eye. Jesus, what the hell!?

  • Stephen Littau

    Part I was OK but even still,I was worried they wouldn’t make part II…it seems like they decided at one point to leave us hanging. I’m very glad they did, even if it’s with a completely different cast (though from the reviews I’ve read, this is a better cast).

    However you feel about the movies, read the book (even if its audio book)…don’t ever judge a book by its movie.