The Right to Bear Arms Highest Ranked Topic at The Liberty Papers

Every now and then I take a look at the sitemeter for The Liberty Papers to get some idea of how many people are actually reading and what they are reading. When I went to the pages ranked by entry and exit, I couldn’t help but notice how many pages were being viewed concerning the 2nd Amendment or the right to bear arms. Of the top 20 entry pages, 8 are 2nd Amendment related and the same is true for exit pages.

Given how much discussion there is at present time about the meaning of the 2nd Amendment, I suppose this shouldn’t come to much of a surprise. Since this is an important as well as popular issue, and rather than restate many of the same arguments in favor of the right to bear arms yet again, I thought I would link these 8 posts here by entry page ranking.

#2 (351 visits) The Best Explanation of the Second Amendment I Have Ever Heard by Stephen Littau (2007)

#5 (155 visits) Why Does the Second Amendment Exist? by Eric (2005)

#7 (133 visits) Larry Correia on Gun Control by Quincy (2012)

#10 (59 visits) Yes, the Second Amendment really means what it says… and that means you too Chicago by Chris (2010)

#13 (40 visits) Random Acts of Violence Can Be Mitigated But Not Prevented by Stephen Littau (2012)

#14 (39 visits) Hillary Clinton: Second Amendment Defender? by Stephen Littau (2008)

#15 (38 visits) When is Armed Rebellion Appropriate? by tarran (2008)

#17 (31 visits) Harold Fish is Free! by tarran (2009)

Read these posts again and let’s discuss them in the comments section.

  • Chris Byrne

    I just find it amusing that I’ve written more about guns and the second amendment than everyone else combined, and only one of those posts is mine.

    Quincy even beat me to posting a piece from Larry Correia; and Larry is a personal friend of mine.

    I really have been basically absent these last two years, with “all cancer all the time”.

  • Stephen Littau

    I’m as surprised about that as you, Chris. Firearms is a subject I’ve probably written about the least yet I have 3 posts on this list. I should really encourage readers to look through your archive as you are the resident firearms expert at The Liberty Papers IMO. You have probably forgotten more about firearms and gun control laws than I have ever known ?

    On the cancer front, I’m glad things seem to be taking a turn for the better (based on Mel’s recent post at I’m sure you are looking forward to writing more about other issues besides cancer.

  • Quincy


    Glad to hear things are getting better for you. Honestly, I’ve learned a lot about the Second Amendment from your writing over the years.

    As for beating you to Larry’s piece, it was so amazing I had to write something right then. He nailed the issues so perfectly.