A Must Watch Rant About How to Stop Mass Shootings

By now most of you have probably listened to the testimony before congress of Bill Stevens – father of a girl who was at Sandy Hook Elementary the day of the shooting. Despite the grave danger his daughter was in that day, Stevens recognizes the importance of the right to bear arms and correctly places the blame on the person who committed this heinous act rather than the tools he used to commit them. This video has been viewed over 1.6 million times on YouTube and is incredibly powerful. If you haven’t heard this man’s testimony and his defense of his right to bear arms you should definitely listen.

A lesser watched YouTube video (below) by MrColionNoir is also a must watch IMO. MrColionNoir argues that the media needs to stop giving these losers* the fame they so desperately crave making them instant celebrities (even “demigods”) but give the fame to the heroes who put their own lives on the line to stop the loser from finishing his rampage. How many of these losers can you name vs. the number of heroes?

There’s really not much more I can add to this wonderful rant on how more mass shootings can be prevented without sacrificing the liberties of those who wish to bear arms to defend themselves.

Hat Tip: Larry Elder

*And when we must refer to these individuals, we should stop calling them by their name, “the shooter,” or “the gunman,” but simply “the loser who will not be named.”

  • MingoV

    The idea of not providing publicity for mass murderers and other scumbags has been advocated numerous times over the past forty years. The problem is that implementation requires responsible and ethical journalism that never was widespread and is almost nonexistent today.

    Here’s what’s tragic: A news program that said: “A dozen nuns were murdered at a convent in New Hampshire. The 28-year-old murderer was arrested by local police. We aren’t going to reveal his name, because he doesn’t deserve any fame.” would be praised by the vast majority of viewers. The news program’s ratings would go up. So, even irresponsible and unethical journalists would gain by keeping mum. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to realize it.

  • http://fpffressminds.blogspot.com/ Stephen Littau

    I think you are right Mingo. I don’t think there is any question that the MSM has an anti-gun agenda and they seem to be willing to give these losers the fame they crave while blaming the weapon instead of the loser. To show any heroism on the part of someone who isn’t a cop – especially someone who isn’t a cop who uses a firearm to prevent additional carnage, goes against this agenda.

    Of course I’m not calling for government censorship or anything like that but only admonishing the press to do this on their own (and I think MrColionNoir would agree).

    All I can do is choose not to participate in making these losers famous. I’ve decided to adopt the same policy for those losers who picket funerals.

  • PeterL

    You really need to make it clearer exactly which “losers” you are talking about in the second paragraph. Reading the post, I first thought you were calling the father of the shooting victim a loser.

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