Recovered from the Memory Hole: When Obama Supported the Sequester

President Obama is really insulting the intelligence* of the American people acting as if he had nothing to do with the sequester he signed. In the SOTU he said congress “passed” the sequester. But as anyone who is old enough to remember School House Rock: “I’m Just A Bill” can attest, a bill doesn’t become a law without the president’s signature unless there are enough votes to override the veto.

Now personally, I am in favor of the sequester. The dire consequences President Obama are completely overblown. As Brad pointed out, we are talking about maybe 2% of this year’s budget. It’s very clear to me that for the most part, we are not dealing with serious people in neither the congress nor the Whitehouse.

That being said, it seems like everything President Obama says has an expiration date on it. It’s just too bad his policies don’t.

*Then again maybe not as more than half the American people approve of the job he is doing as POTUS. I’m not one of them.

  • William R Scarborough

    He is only insulting the intelligence of those who have any. This doesn’t apply to many, if not most, of our fellow citizens, alas, which is why democracy shouldn’t be our primary concern or goal. The idea(l)s of liberty must again be caused to animate our fellows, if we can expect to achieve any purchase against the assault of {fascism/collectivism/socialism/totalitarianism/communism/call it what you may} upon our freedom, property, and lives. Those who understand at least this are relatively few, so well has the “march through the institutions” of the statists succeeded. I don’t claim to know how we can (best) bring such a resurgence of love for liberty to fruition. We each do our best, but will that translate into a perceptible increase? I visit sites like this for suggestions toward making what little I can do at least effective, not destructive, of that goal.