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February 26, 2013

The Truth About Pentagon Spending With Sequestration (Or Hey Look, the Cold War is Over)

by Stephen Littau

Cato Institute has just released a report along with an infographic (below) which illustrates what sort of impact we can expect on Pentagon spending if the sequester takes place. John McCain, supporters of the military industrial complex, and the more hawkish elements of the GOP are doing their best to scaremonger to stop the sequestration on national defense grounds. But as you can see, this is hardly a cause for alarm in terms of the military being able to defend against any kind of threat from a nation or terror group.

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  • MingoV

    The problem with that campaign is its sole focus on military spending. Most of the extra trillion dollars per year in federal spending (compared to the spending in Bush’s last year) has gone towards propping up profligate state governments, bailing out favored companies, funding fraudulent companies, bribing unions, and providing huge pork barrels to the democrats in Congress.

    I believe that our military budget should be halved, but that would reduce deficit spending only by one-third (and it would never happen).

  • Stephen Littau


    I get what you are saying BUT I think the Republicans would have a great deal more credibility on cutting spending if they would say that the cutting should include military spending (and more on the order of what you are talking about). The military is a sacred cow for establishment Republicans but in truth, I don’t think it has as much to do with national defense as it is a jobs program. How can they on one hand say that Keynesianism (favored mostly by the Left) is bad for the economy but somehow, military Keynesianism (favored mostly be the Right) is if not good for the economy, at least not harmful?

    This is the sort of thing that needs to be brought up, particularly to those who are concerned about national defense. No, this itty, bitty cut will not harm readiness. People need to understand this.

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