Quote Of The Day

From James Hamblin, The Atlantic:

It’s a kind of nonchalant way to say that the organization in charge of making sure everything we eat and drink is safe for us is, decades into the mass marketing and sale of heavily caffeinated products without regulation to all U.S. markets, going to look into their safety.

They want to regulate caffeine?

Well, there goes GDP…

  • MingoV

    Prescription drug reviews and approvals require work that is unpublicized and unappreciated (except for drug company shareholders). Mucking around with the most popular and most heavily used drug in the country will bring the FDA a tidal wave of publicity. Some of the publicity will be negative, but (as the actors and rock stars say), any publicity is better than none. Every time public interest flags, an FDA employee could “leak” a research study finding or a review committee decision. The FDA can milk the caffeine issue for years.