Open Thread Question of the Day: Now that ObamaCare is Here, What Are You Going to Do About Your Own Healthcare?

Like it or not, ObamaCare is here. Much has been written about the overall chaos this law will have on employment, the cost of healthcare, and the economy overall. What I am interested in, however; is what are you as an individual going to do regarding your own healthcare choices? Are you going to stay on your employer’s plan, sign up for the exchanges, pay the fine or do something else? Also, I’m interested in finding out if any readers have already had experiences, good or bad regarding ObamaCare.

  • MingoV

    Two weeks ago I requested sign-up help. My family situation is that I’m on Medicare, my daughter is on Medicaid, and my wife is uninsured. Does my wife file independently, or do we file as a family?

    A support person called two days later (exactly when the online help site said she would). She said her situation was similar, but she had no information on how to handle it. She hoped to have information by October 1 when the ACA applications arrived. The support person was wonderful; she deserves a better employer.

    The support people did not have the answer to a simple and common question two weeks before enrollment. This is a bad start to a bad program.

  • Brad Warbiany

    For me, stay on my employer’s plan as long as they’ll keep offering it.

    My concern, of course, is that eventually companies are just going to drop healthcare, knowing that paying the per-head penalty is probably a lot cheaper than providing care, and that many employees qualify for subsidies anyway.

    I’m hoping my employer won’t do that. I think it’s unlikely. Given the demographics of working in high-tech in an expensive locale like Southern California, a very high portion of employees probably won’t qualify for subsidies. But I could be wrong. I’m sure they’re watching the tea leaves to see what other employers are doing.

  • Brad Warbiany

    I just ran the numbers here:

    My premiums for the family for a Silver plan would be $11,824 per year and max out-of-pocket would be $12,700.

    Given a son with autism, and the cost portion of his therapy (meaning we’d have a high out-of-pocket every year as we do now), going on the exchange would be a VERY bad deal for us.

  • TerryP

    My family policy premiums are going up by $2,000 a year. My deductible is staying the same at $5,000, but the potential out of pocket is going up by $7,700. Basically I am getting less benefits for more cost mostly all due to Obamacare.

    A middle aged woman’s single policy is going from $70/mo to over $200/mo.

    A couple we know who are around 60 have a policy with its monthly premium going from $500/mo to $1200/mo.

    Subsidies may help some, but I would much rather pay the lower premiums and keep our old policies then get subsidies to help with these new piece of crap policies with the gov’t mired in the middle of them.

    Obamacare is a disaster. Blue Cross has raised all but their Gold plans up to the maximum out-of pocket.