As Painful As Possible, For As Many As Possible

I haven’t blogged about the shutdown, because, well, I haven’t blogged much about anything. Mea culpa.

I haven’t had time because I’m, quite frankly, not personally or professionally affected. Warren Meyer of Coyote Blog, however, is very personally AND professionally affected. Warren operates private concession operations that handle all on-site activities at parks, with a good portion of his business based upon federal parks.

These parks use no federal employees. They don’t require any federal dollars to operate. In fact, they pay rent to the federal government as part of the terms of their lease. So of all things, you’d think that the Feds would want them to remain open. In fact, in all previous shutdowns (including 1995 & 1996), they have remained open.

Not this time. They’ve been ordered to close.

I can’t do justice to all the coverage that already exists for this. While I assume many of my readers are also daily readers at Coyote Blog (and Popehat), I can’t be sure.

All of Warren’s post on this topic can be found here. Check them out, please. You will not be disappointed.

As it pertains to the shutdown, I have little patience for the Republicans here. The Republicans are playing a gambit they can’t win. The Dems are NOT going to defund or delay Obamacare. This is stupid on strategic and tactical levels. You can’t win and you’re going to damage your brand in the process. WTF are you thinking?!

But what I see from the Obama administration is wrong on many more levels. It seems that the administration’s tactic here is to screw as many people as possible, to make this as painful as possible, and then hope the blame rests only on the Republicans for what the administration has done. There is no reason to close these privately-operated parks. There’s no reason to throw people out of their homes because they rest on federal land. There’s no reason to close open-air memorials that don’t require human workers to operate. While I’m not sympathetic to Republican partisans, I have to say that naming the barriers that closed the World War II memorial “Barrycades” is quite smart.

I’m still filled with nothing but disgust for everyone in Washington. Both sides are angling for a “win”. I want to see both sides lose, dammit!

Unfortunately, I know that in Nov. 2014, lawmakers from both parties will probably enjoy >90% re-election rates. And people wonder why I say that democracy doesn’t work?

  • Chris

    This is not now, and never has been, about Obamacare… Frankly neither has the “effort to defund Obamacare”.

    There never really was any effort to defund Obamacare… that was just PR… red meat to the low information populist right… signaling and smokescreens.

    This shutdown is about two things… well three… PR and signalling, and the debt ceiling.

    The republicans have already said privately, the shutdown isn’t going to end until we’re about to default.

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  • MingoV

    “I want to see both sides lose…”

    Both sides have lost, but not enough. It is unlikely that voters will be so angry that they oust incumbents in the 2014 elections. By that time, other issues will have grabbed the attention of voters.

  • Stephen Littau

    A thought just occurred to me concerning people who live on federal lands being thrown out of their homes during the shutdown: why not throw the president, vice president, members of congress, and other federal officials who live in government housing out of their homes until the “shutdown” is resolved? Make them rent hotel rooms on their own dime. How quickly do you suppose the shutdown would be resolved then?