The ‘compassion’ of animal rights activists

It seems like we can’t go a month without some animal rights activists deciding that a human being needs killing because they actually have the audacity to hunt animals. The latest revolves around an 11 year old boy who managed to kill a rare albino deer. Unsurprisingly, the boys parents shared the picture on Facebook and got some responses they certainly weren’t expecting.

From the hunting equipment company RealTree’s blog:

Soon after tagging the buck, Gavin’s family did what I’d have done: They shared the images and story on Facebook. They were — deservedly so — proud of their son and his accomplishment.

What followed was something they likely didn’t expect.

Hate-filled messages. Ignorance-laden tirades. Death threats.

Yes, death threats. To an 11-year-old boy.

Need proof? Here’s but one of many, many examples:

“This father and son should be shot thru theit lungs why would a father encourage his son to kill and why would the son they both are not worth the air they breath. Put them both in jail for the rest of their lives.”

I’ve ommitted the name of the “lady” who posted the comments. Why? Because I have morals. And values. Things I learned from being a hunter. I have not corrected her rampant spelling and grammatical errors. Why? Well, I have just enough Backwoods Billy in me to enjoy making folks look like clowns.

Gavin’s parents, I’ve been told, have received similar threats via their personal phones.

[Emphasis added by yours truly] Alright, now, first we need to figure out exactly WTF this woman was trying to say. To start with, however, it’s clear she means “This father and son should be shot through their lungs”. Really? Wow.

This is, yet again, an example of a compassionate member of the left who would rather see those who dare to disagree with them dead. I mean, young Gavin killed a genetic abnormality. Oh Noes!!!!11! (Where’s that eye rolling emoticon when I need it.)

Also from RealTree’s blog:

An albino deer is a rarity. It’s also a genetic mutation that, in most situations, means a very short life for the critter unfortunate enough to inherit it. White deer don’t live long. There’s a reason that deer were created with brown coats and white tails. It’s camouflage. The kind that keeps them alive.

Exactly. Herd management techniques actually call for the culling of such deer as a means of keeping the herd strong. In animals, albino traits often accompany other health problems that, if passed along to the rest of the herd, could cause serious problems. So, those who are trying to manage a herd will cull albino and piebald deer to keep that from happening.

The amusing thing is that so many of these people are probably discussing this incident, including uttering their preferred method for ending the lives of an 11 year old boy and his father, while eating a nice steak or chicken dinner. This was their “special” deer and all that, so clearly it was above being treated like an animal or anything.

What these same people don’t comprehend is that what Gavin did isn’t that much different than what humans have done for millennia. Take a look at a Jack Russell terrier, or a chihuahua. Those dogs are descended from wolves. What mankind did was breed dogs for specific traits until we ended up with the very animals we now call “man’s best friend”.

I also hope they’re not eating steak. After all, the cow has been so thoroughly domesticated that there isn’t really a wild analog for them anymore. Pretty much the same with chicken, now that I think about it.

But Tom, we don’t know that Gavin did it for any reason other than to kill the deer.

So what? Hunting is perfectly legal. He broke no laws, and the people with their panties in a bunch over this are people who just don’t like that they’re going to not be able to see “their” special deer.

Tough. It wasn’t theirs. It was a wild animal. Get over it. If you took pictures of it, cherish those pictures, because albino deer are pretty rare. You might have even caught some footage of it with one of the deer cameras you can see if you click here.

Now, I want to address the issue of the death threats.

First, I’m going to preface this with the fact that I started this year off with a huge number of mentions on Twitter for some reason. A number of them were comments just like the one quoted above. They wished for me and my children to be murdered in cold blood. My crime? I simply wished that then MSNBC host Pier Morgan would go back to England because it has the idiotic gun laws he prefers. (Yes, I called them idiotic. They are. Deal with it.)

These compassionate progressives actively hoped and wished that me and/or my children would be murdered. At the time, my son was 12, my daughter almost two.

I’m going to be very clear here. In part, I’m addressing the people who said such things to me and in part I’m addressing anyone who makes such comments. I don’t care what your ideology is.

You are a pathetic excuse for a human being and a complete waste of human skin. I only wish the genetic material wasted in your creation had been used for someone more useful like a welfare queen. Seriously.

Folks, there is no reason to issue a death threat. Ever. I don’t about your politics. You’re on my side on everything, but you issue a death threat? See the above statement. Yes, I’m really that serious.

You don’t accomplish anything except make everyone who agrees with you look like a tool.

First, I’d like to take a moment to mention how great it is to be posting something to The Liberty Papers. In 2009, I joined with a friend in a project he had started where we blogged about area politics. I’d blogged a little bit here and there before about whatever random things, but my libertarian streak had never really gotten a chance to fly.

Suddenly, I had a platform. To say it changed my life was…well, a significant understatement. It lead to me getting to know some pretty cool people, many of whom are here at The Liberty Papers. It gave me the opportunity to first write for a local newspaper, and then eventually buy it. While that didn’t necessarily work out, it was yet another example of me being able to write a lot of words in a fairly short amount of time. So, I did like a lot of people and decided to write a book. Bloody Eden came out in August and is available at Amazon (or your favorite book website for that matter).

Now that we’ve gotten the history out of the way, a bit about the politics. First, I’m probably best described as a classical liberal. At least, that’s what every “What kind of libertarian are you?” quiz has told me, and they’re probably right. I’m a constitutional libertarian, for the most part. If the Constitution says they can do it, it doesn’t mean they should, but if the Constitution says they can’t, then they can’t. It just doesn’t get any simpler than that.

I look forward to contributing here at The Liberty Papers.