Time to Put Differences of Principle Aside and Unite Behind Donald Trump

After doing some reflecting, I’ve come to the conclusion I have been wrong about Donald Trump. Yes, he’s a loud mouth and he insults people but maybe that’s what we need in a POTUS. And even though he’s against everything conservatives claim to stand for (i.e. property rights, free trade, limited government, free market healthcare etc.) maybe it’s time conservatives changed to suit him.

None of these things are important anymore. He’s taking a hard line against the M&Ms (Mexicans & Muslims) and all freedom loving American need to be united against Hillary Clinton in the fall.

And what if Trump doesn’t have the 1,237 delegates by the time the convention comes around? Let’s forget about the whole idea of requiring a majority to win the nomination, a plurality is good enough. Yeah, yeah, I know I’ve pointed out that this is against the rules that have been established since the very beginning of the GOP but screw tradition! We need a leader like Trump to “Make America Great Again” nobody’s got time for these antiquated rules!

Let all Conservatives and Libertarians join hands and back Trump no matter what our differences on principle. This whole time I’ve been saying #NeverTrump but my priorities were all wrong: #NeverHillary.

Oh, yeah one more thing…

April Fools!


  • http://klout.com/#/ilovegrover Thane_Eichenauer

    Is it better to vote for a politician that honestly will tell you his positions that you disagree with or one that will skillfully disguise his (or her) positions. I would prefer the former.

  • Dylan Davis

    Awe how cute you write an article explaining how you have changed your ways and actually give a s**t about this country then act like a child at the end. Well I guess we will expect you to be voting for hitlery, since not voting or going independent is the same thing. Good luck woth that. TRUMP 2016!!!!