Quote of the Day: Honest Debate Edition

popehatOver at Popehat, Ken White makes the point that gun control advocates should have the balls to say that all firearms should be banned instead of using purposely vague or misleading language (as people on the Left tend to do). Using vague, sometimes Orwellian terms tend to creep into other areas of our private lives

I want [gun control] advocates to learn the difference [between ‘automatic’ and ‘semi-automatic’ firearms for example] so I can have some level of confidence that I know what kind of proposed government power we’re debating […]


Gun control advocates may argue that it’s pointless to define terms because gun control opponents will oppose gun control laws no matter how they are crafted. […] But it’s not a logical or moral excuse for not trying. Urging vague and unconstrained government power is not how responsible citizens of a free society ought to act. It’s a bad habit and it’s dangerous and irresponsible to promote it.


We live in a country where the government uses the power we’ve already given it as a rationale for giving it more: “how can we not ban x when we’ve already banned y?”

  • http://klout.com/#/ilovegrover Thane_Eichenauer

    I wonder if any of Alan Grayson’s opponents for US Senate (FL) have an interest and ability in nailing him down on this issue?

  • Luke Moen

    What I find interesting is that, after someone managed to kill dozens of people in a matter of seconds, no one is making mention of “truck control”, or “vehicular control.” Funny how the nature of the instrument wasn’t demonized at all in this case, yet whenever someone is killed with a gun – it’s off to the races…