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Simon Says: How Many More?

(with apologies to Heather Alexander)

Without warrants, truncheons swing
Wanton shootings’ piercing ring
No one knocks, they barge ahead —
Another innocent lies dead.

Midnight nightmare, bloody hand
All of us must take a stand
Sound the call, take up the cry
How many innocents now must die?

“Follow orders as you’re told” —
That should make your blood run cold
Protest till you die or drop
This trampling of rights must stop

There’s no reason, there’s no gain
No knock searches are insane
Let not one excuse pass by
How many innocents now must die?

Guard your children, do not fail
Send these bullies off to jail
Write the Congress, join the fight
And they won’t come by in the night

Use your vote and use your head
Make these no-knock searches dead
Raise the flag up to the sky
How many innocents now must die?

Dawn has broke, the time has come
Never more let mourning come
Never more let innocent die
Let that be your battle cry

Midnight nightmare, bloody hand
All of us must take a stand
Sound the call, take up the cry
How many innocents now must die?

Without warrants, truncheons swing
Wanton shootings’ piercing ring
No one knocks, they barge ahead —
Another innocent lies dead.

Lawless nightmare, bloody hand
All of us must take a stand
Sound the call, take up the cry
How many innocents now must die?
How many innocents now must die?
How many innocents now must die?


An Unhappy Thanksgiving

As most of the country chows down on turkey, ham, lamb and sits down to watch football or various Thanksgiving parades, I feel sad and I’m not in the celebratory mood. I find myself on this day that celebrates capitalism and individual liberty reflecting about how far our country has gone from the ideals our Founding Fathers laid out for us.

For example, I think Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and James Madison are rolling in their graves about the coming higher wage controls that will be imposed by the new majority in Congress.

I don’t think they would be too pleased either with the outrageous national debt and the unfair and burdensome tax code that we have now.

I don’t think they would be pleased that our universities have become centers for the suppression of the freedom of free speech and freedom of thought.

They would not be pleased at the corruption that infests Congress.

They would be irate about a 92 year old woman named Kathryn Johnson who was killed by plain clothes policemen who broke down her door. The handicapped ramp should have been a clue this probably wasn’t a crackhouse and there were innocent people inside. But no, instead the three pigs decided they wanted to be heroes and they decided to conduct a no knock raid on the house. The woman, who had a legally licensed handgun for protection because she lived in a high-crime neighborhood, thought that these three men in plain clothes were impersonating police officers and trying to break in. She reacted as many other honest and law abiding people would in this situation, she defended herself and her property. She shot all three pigs, unfortunately, they’ll live and they’ll probably be hailed as heroes. They cops returned fire, killing her.

This Thanksgiving while most Americans stuff themselves, the Johnson family will be making funeral arrangements to bury the latest victim of our War on (some) Drugs and the militarized police forces. The Johnsons have lost an aunt, a grandmother, and I’m sure a woman that was beloved by all who knew her. A woman that should be in the prime of her life, instead lost her life in one of the most brutal ways possible. Justice for Kathryn would be the three policemen facing at the very least a hearing and possibly criminal charges for their actions; but it looks like we’ll have to settle for getting rid of no-knock raids.

This Thanksgiving, we need to rededicate ourselves to fighting, through political activism and reporting on their misdeeds, these wannabe tyrants whether they rule from Washington D.C. or own the local level and fight to restore our lost liberties. We need to pressure the media to give this story the proper attention it deserves. The media is reporting that police politely knocked on Kathryn Johnson’s door and just started firing and the cops were defending theirselves. In fact, the supposedly conservative Fox News Channel had a panel discussion on today’s Live Desk where all five panelists, including the supposedly objective reporter Julie Banderas, called for a ban on keeping privately owned firearms inside homes and sited this shooting as a reason.

So have a Happy Thanksgiving and remember to be on guard for liberty, for its enemies are numerous and powerful.

I’m one of the original co-founders of The Liberty Papers all the way back in 2005. Since then, I wound up doing this blogging thing professionally. Now I’m running the site now. You can find my other work at The and Rare. You can also find me over at the R Street Institute.

Another Victim of the Drug War

Sad day here in Atlanta…

Woman, 92, killed in police shootout

A 92-year-old Atlanta woman is dead after she opened fire and shot three undercover narcotics officers serving a search warrant on her home.

At a news conference Tuesday night, Atlanta assistant police Chief Alan Dreher said the unidentified woman was alone in the house when the officers arrived and announced themselves. He said the shootout erupted when they were refused entry and broke down the front door.

The three officers were wounded and were all listed in stable condition Tuesday night.

The woman died of gunshot wounds in her home, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

While police did not name the woman, Sarah Dozier identified her as her aunt, Kathryn Johnston, who kept an old pistol in the high-crime neighborhood.

But I’m sure this 92-year-old woman was a big-time dealer, huh?
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The Case Against Prohibition

Over at Catallarchy, Patri Friedman makes the case against drug prohibition, in a way that doesn’t rely on the ideas of personal liberties, natural rights, or any other theoretical basis:

I think all this talk of incentives and local vs. global control is making way too complex an argument which in this case is completely unnecessary. The reason why we should legalize drugs can be summed up in four words:

Drug prohibition doesn’t work.

It doesn’t matter if we can handle drugs, or if, as Parker claims, we use them irrationally. It doesn’t matter who suffers from drug use (mainly the user, as libertarians argue, or society, as others argue). What matters is that passing laws and establishing Drug Enforcement Agencies has a demonstrably negligible effect on drug use – and a demonstrably terrible effect on civil liberties. It appears that order to actually eliminate drugs you would have to impose a completely insane police state – since nothing short has worked, including some moderately-insane police states (ie Singapore).

Yep, that about sums it up. Granted, I’m an adherent to the libertarian ideal of “it’s my body and I’ll do what I damn well please”, but that hasn’t exactly gotten us so far. And to a large degree, trying to make that argument against people who firmly believe that the government should have the power to protect us from ourselves isn’t going to be fruitful.

Sometimes you just need to pull the end-around:

This is a simple, pragmatic argument that depends only on empirical evidence whose conclusion is glaringly clear to anyone who looks at it seriously. Thus it is vastly superior to any libertarian invocation of personal liberty, incentives, or whatever. I believe in most of our pet theories too, but no one else cares, so when there is a universal argument why use one that will only apply to the choir?

Arguing over ideals only works with people who can convinced their ideals are wrong. Everyone has their own ideals, and objective proofs of right and wrong are hard to find. Facts, though, are much more stubborn, and at best we can argue over interpretations of those facts. When the facts are on your side, argue from the facts, and back it up with ideals, not the other way around.

Good News!

Well, it looks as though Radly Balko’s relentless coverage of a horrible miscarriage of justice has finally paid off:

“Cory Maye will not sleep on

death row tonight. Nor, for that matter, any night for the foreseeable future.”

A while back,

I mentioned Maye’s story (here), with more links to others’ thoughts on the subject.

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