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March 6, 2013

‘Super Epic’ Tweet of the Day

There’s some really great tweets about Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster. So far, this is my favorite: ACLU, CodePink & a Tea Party senator all on the same page. We’re an Elizabeth Warren rain dance away from this being SUPER EPIC. #filibuster — SFK (@stephenkruiser) March 6, 2013

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November 28, 2011

Tweet of the Day: #heblowsalot Edition

“Just made mean comments at gov brownback and told him he sucked, in person #heblowsalot.” I designated the above tweet by 18 year-old high school senior Emma Sullivan tweet of the day, not due to the content itself (it’s actually quite juvenile), but for her refusal to write an insincere apology letter to Gov. Brownback […]

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October 10, 2011

Tweet of the Day: Newt Says Include Gov. Johnson Edition

Fairness requires Gov. Johnson to be included in tomorrow’s debate. I encourage Wash Post/Bloomberg to invite him. -Former House Speaker & 2012 G.O.P. Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich via Twitter. Some Ron Paul supporters think Gingrich is hoping to split libertarian support by saying that Gov. Johnson should be invited to the debate. That could be […]

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July 11, 2011

Tweet Of The Day

From @iowahawkblog We don’t have a capital problem, we have a capitol problem.

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March 14, 2011

Tweets of the Day

The recent tu quoque of conservatives apoplectic about Obama on the golf course [I call it a tu quoque because of how the left constantly complained about Bush's vacations at the ranch] brought about this exchange between @superbus (a libertarian video games writer from CT) and myself: @superbus: Hey GOP: By your logic, if the […]

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September 2, 2010

Tweet Of The Day

I’m not normally I huge fan of Fred Thompson as a politician, but he is a bit witty. Here is his take on Christina Romer: Obama Econ Adviser: spend more stimulus money. Bet she repeatedly pushes the elevator button trying to make it come faster, too. I’ll admit, I got a chuckle. But then, since […]

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July 19, 2010

Tweet Of The Day

@ezraklein Downside of #topsecretamerica: It’s watching everything you do. Upside: It doesn’t know what it’s seeing. I believe that’s intended to be reassuring. What I’m not sure Ezra understands is that this is probably WORSE, because it’s less likely to be indiscriminately applied. Rather, it’s far more likely to be abused for political or personal […]

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